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Susan's "Humor"


You mentioned Susan's vocals when playing MAME. I tried my darndest to find any pirated version of her performance--vocal or visual--no luck. Do you or anyone know if that is at all possible?

Bill Gerdts

Re: Susan's "Humor"

Bill...as far as I know, there was never a recording of her doing the show. It was 'new', at the time for any Vegas performances to be done on lp's and that would have been the way it would have happened..if..it ever was, since it was long before c/d's...etc.

I may be wrong...but I think that Susan's "MAME" was the first Broadway show presented at Caesar's Palace. I do remember there was a lot of publicity before it opened, in Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety. I still have the 'reviews' that came out after it opened from those two daily trade papers in Hollywood. She got good reviews on the show and they admired her for taking on such a 'big challenge'. The only 'funny' thing they said was that 'although her singing voice was very good, she would not be giving Barbara Streisand any bad dreams of taking her over in the singing department.

Of course..this was just the time that Streisand was 'big' in Hollywood and so it was not anything 'bad' being said, since it seemed like 'the entire world' was caught up in the 'Streisand..Goddess of Song' syndrome. BUT..at least SUSAN could do 'it all'..and do it well! Barbara Streisand would 'never' be the ACTRESS Susan was..."so there!!"...

Re: Susan's "Humor"


Bill, I have been dreaming forever of some sort of video or film of her Mame performance!!