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Since it is probably already Jan. 21st in Australia...here's wishing Kerry a very...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I hope we have many more years of being friends, all because of our love for SUSAN and GINGER'S SITE...



Must tell you how much my twin sister, Alice, and I always enjoy reading your posts!

I haven't made it to Australia yet--but I will! My very good friend's son lives there (not near you, though.) I would particularly love seeing the most rural areas!

By the way---my twin and I climb another year up the birthday ladder on Jan 23rd! So, my fellow Aquarian (I think?), hope you had a wonderful and special day!!

Birthday best to you!!! Lynn and Twin, Alice


Happy Birthday Kerry and hope your temperatures are somewhat lower now! We
have had another snowfall here - most unusual for this area.

Hope you enjoyed your Special Day



I remain in awe of you thoughtful folk who seem to remember and recall birthdays. I am possibly - no strike that, definitely - the world's worst in such matters.

Thanks Errol for your kind wishes.The actual day is the 22nd, but that is irrelevent as I don't celebrate as such and it is the warm regards and best wishes that are important. I appreciate your post.


Lynn and Alice - congrats indeed on your dual natal day as well. Yes we three are certainly encased within the Aquarian embrace. ( I remember back when 'Hair' opened in the late 60's and the song 'The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius' was a highlight. There we were with our hands outstretched waiting to inherit the planet - ( currently 2013 and we are still waiting. What went wrong - LOL).

When you say that if you visited Australia you would be more interested in the rural areas, that makes sense. The coastal attractions of Australia and its big cities would ( I presume) hold precious little novelty for Americans. You have great beaches and tropical style islands within reach and Florida, California, Hawaii etc are similar to us. Sydney and Melbourne may have great nightlife, shopping, fine Arts and the rest - but nothing you don't already have in New York, San Francisco and so forth.

So presumably, one off features that we have that no one else shares ( the Great Barrier Reef and the like) or the rougher and more unique inland would perhaps be something that is at least different from your own attractions and tourist trails.


Trish - thanks also to yourself for the birthday hello.

Funny you should mention our temps as today, finally, at last, rain is falling here in Sth East Qld. Typically, the far north of the State has been getting near monsoonal rain and is flooded and awash while the Sunshine Coast down here was experiencing its driest and hottest January on record. But the rain is moving down the Qld coast and we can expect some wet ( and consequently cooler) days for about the next three or four.

Of course when it goes and the blazing sun hits the wet ground, the humidity will be something to conjure with!!


Hi, Kerry,

Good thing I like cold weather--it 10 degrees Farhenheit this morning!! I just finished some shopping, and half-way home thought I'd have to be defrosted in a hot tub to get my 'ice sculpture' moving again!

Ah yes, "Hair"--when I saw it, I just swung my own long hair along with the music, ecstatic that MY generation was going to finally change the entire military-industrial complex we lived in. So young......so naive! Good intentions--lousy technique!!! If my parents hadn't worked so hard and saved so much--Alice's and my 'creative' bent would have had us in the poor house! Sigh! Still.....it was fun being young and so optimistic!

You are right, by the way. While I do love cities and living in Manhattan--I think about Ayer's (?) Rock....and the Great Barrier Reef. And other areas I've seen on travelogs make Australia look so intriguing!

Anyway, I STILL think we're part of "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" (we're certainly not yet in "The SETTING SUN" of our great Sign!! I'd just say that we have entered into "The Dawning.......Part II!"


And Trish!

Thanks a million for your birthday wishes, too! I think I missed yours, didn't I? I need a robot that taps me on the shoulder at least two days before my friends' special days!



Terribly late with this Kerry, but best wishes to you for a great new year and hope your birthday was nice..btw, I really don't like to think about my birthday too much...ha...that said, I appreciate you a lot and your input over the years, for we really go way back to the beginning of this site... by the way, this site was created 14 years ago...pretty amazing