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Was this "Rawhide" trivia on IMDb about Susan True?

Hi to all from this week's "Arctic State" winner! Brrrr from New York!

Does anyone know if the following bit of 'Trivia' about the casting change in RAWHIDE on IMDb was really true??

While I know that Jack Elam replaced Everett Sloane in my favorite 'evil, twisted, no-redeeming-qualities' bad guy character, I read on the IMDb site's "Trivia" section that the REAL reason for the switch was that SUSAN wanted Everett out!! Evidently, it seems that, in some scene(s)? with her, he threw her to the ground 'too hard'!?!

Uh........powerhouse that Susan was.......unless Everett had some running feud with her, and was therefore using every opportunity to wipe the floor with her (not to forget the 'hair grab' scene--or his apptitude as 'wrangler-strangler'), was Susan, at that point in her career, really able to march up to the Director and say "Everett's mopping the floor with me--I want him OUT!??!"

Was this guy really doing this on purpose--or couldn't the Director have had a quiet little chat with Everett by the horse trough and discreetly reminded him that Susan WAS a physically smallish woman. And she was not at all happy at him playing his role with such 'enthusiasm'!!!

Did she REALLY have the power to send him riding off into the sunset--or do you think the Director may have had it in his head all along to use Elam??

In any case, I found it a rather intriguing--and I must admit FUNNY-- offering to IMDb's 'Trivia' column!!! But I do wonder if it happened as written!

Any one here know if this was the real story!?

By the way, I LOVED 'Rawhide'--and thought that each character (especially our favorite redhead) gave it just the right touch! Sure, it might have been a bit 'over-the-top'--but that's what gave it its' flavor!

Anyway--have a good weekend, all!!


Re: Was this "Rawhide" trivia on IMDb about Susan True?

Hi Lynn..(and a 'belated Happy Birthday' to you and your 'sis). I have been away from this site for a few days and missed your birthday, because I have been judging a talent contest and also did a high school film class, showing clips to the students on 'classic Hollywood films'. I did this last year and they had me back again..and I'm suppose to 'return' for a 'second' film class in the spring..so I missed being on here for your birthday's..(sorry)..

AS TO YOUR QUESTION...on Sloane being too rough with Susan on the "RAWHIDE" set...YES..it is true, according to what I have heard..and (I think) it is also in the 'extras' that appear with the dvd of the film. I would have to pull the dvd and check for sure, but I think that is what really made it 'official' on the 'once rumored' event.

From what I remember, without going to the dvd, is that Susan went to the director and complained on how rough she was being handled and demanded that something be done about it. The director took if from there..and fired Sloane..thus hiring Jack Elam for the role.

I really think ELAM was more suited for the role than EVERETT SLOANE anyway. Also..Susan has worked with director HENRY HATHAWAY in other films. I know he directed "GARDEN OF EVIL". (There were..as I remember..'a lot' of good 'tid-bits' on the dvd of things that went on during the filming.

ONE THING..that was 'not' on the dvd is 'this', which you might find interesting. "RAWHIDE" was a remake of a 1935 film, where the couple and the baby were kidnapped by gangster thugs and the FBI is trying to save them. The film is called..."SHOW THEM NO MERCY" starring ROCHELLE HUDSON, CESAR ROMERO and BRUCE CABOT. It is listed in LEONARD MALTIN'S MOVIE GUIDE and was given a 'three star' rating and good reviews. (This film was also re-issued and retitled to.."DESPERATE SIEGE".)

I thought "RAWHIDE" was one heck of a good western, with top notch casting and good suspenseful direction. Loved Susan's long hair in this picture and of course..a 'stand-out' performance, as always!!!....

Re: Was this "Rawhide" trivia on IMDb about Susan True?

Good morning, Errol!

Judging talent contests and introducing students to classic Hollywood films sound like just the activities I would have so much fun with--IF I had the kind of knowledge that YOU have! But judging Lhasa Apso talent....or teaching a group of students how to survive a 'Double Diamond' ski trail are just NOT the kind of assignments that are often called for!!

I really enjoyed all your info about the Susan vs. Everett bout in the ring!! My mind gets so crazed by reading all the Susan books, trivia info, old actors' stories that, after a while, I have no idea what IS real!! (Tim Barker would probably say they get it right about 5 percent of the time!) But your well-studied info is a pleasure to read! (Do they offer a PhD in "The Sagas of Susan"?! I'll bet you would have been awarded one long ago!!!)

My only question now that I know the story was true--I wonder what in the heck was going on in Sloane's mind to be so 'unchivalrous'? Maybe he had a memory of the Director saying "Okay, cast, listen up! I want you to make this REAL!" I wonder if she warned Sloane first, before going to Hathaway? At any rate, Elam was great in the role---he really came across as only part human--both in face and character!! Scary guy!

I feel like such a trivia gossip---but wouldn't it make for a head-spinning book if Susan could put aside her harp (that's a lovely image there--Susan at a harp!), and write us all a book, taking every bit of gossip, lies, etc.ever told about herself---and tell us the whole story on all these question marks that we shall always be left to wonder about! (Some of the tidbits I've read about shooting the "Garden of Evil" are rather fascinating. Though I'm sure the fact that she saved that child's life, ignoring her own danger, was completely believable. I very much believe that she was that kind of person.)

Anyway, I absolutely LOVED 'Rawhide' and was riveted to the screen. It really did have a menacing feel to it! And, of course, I loved Susan's portrayal of "Vinnie"---and, in fact, some of those lines of her's just cracked me up--and were perfect for making me smile, in the middle of all the very tense suspense!!

No, I had no idea that a film called "Show Them No Mercy" and, later, "Desperate Siege") was made in 1935!! I used to have a 1982 Leonard Maltin guide! Wonder if I can dig it up!! Does he still do those guides? They were great for reference.

Anyway--I'd love to see the film---I don't suppose it was ever made for a DVD or video cassette?

And, don't worry about being late for my birthday! It was so frigid here in the city that we postponed our plans that day. And, it still hasn't let up!! I really like cold weather---but my not being in Utah or Colorado this winter to 'hit the slopes'--it does lose some of its appeal!!

Take care, Errol. You should come to New York and audition for all our off-Broadway plays!! There are so many productions! And I'll bet that there is a Playbill out there for a show, desperately seeking an "Errol" to fill out their cast!


Re: Was this "Rawhide" trivia on IMDb about Susan True?

Leonard Maltin still publishes his movie reviews, etc every year, but I have not purchased one since 1992. As of that publishing, YES..."SHOW THEM NO MERCY" was available on VHS. DVD's were not around at the time of this issue.

NO..I was not 'there'..so I would not know 'why' Sloane acted the way he did. Maybe the two didn't 'get on well' with one another on/off set...how should I know? And..ALSO 'NO'..I don't believe 'everything' I read/or hear of what happens 'on-set' of a film. I am no MOVIE GURU with a crystal ball! But neither does 'any of us'...including Tim, because he wouldn't have been around to know 'all' that did/did not happen while filming. WE ALL can only go on what has been reported..and what I 'reported' was what I had 'read and watched' on the 'extras' of the dvd.

We all know how 'reporting' for 'gossip' is so 'lame'...because once a star has been, finally, interviewed..'themselves'...have cleared up, over the years, that they were 'pared' with other stars romantically, that they never even KNEW...so you have to take it 'all' with a grain of salt..and not get 'so involved'..as to 'the whys/wheres' that made all of this happen..(if it did)..

Re: Was this "Rawhide" trivia on IMDb about Susan True?

Oh, dear, Errol!

I do so hope that you did not think that I would EVER expect you to share 'gossip' info that you were not absolutely certain of! I am amazed and respect you so much on how fairly and accurately you always share what you have learned about Susan. You write with truth---and humor--and I enjoy your posts so much.

You know, here in NYC, we tend to have rather crazy fun just 'bantering' with one another.....and it may come over as if our silly sarcasm is not just joking!! But it always IS joking! The truth is that I really brought up my Trivia question, just to try to bring out more of our wonderful Susan fans on the Board, as it has been so quiet here (with exceptions like yourself, Trish, Kerry)---and I had hoped that perhaps more readers would just have fun reading my post. And not because I really 'needed' the truth! I always take things with a grain of salt---even if my curiosity does come out! LOL!!

Though I know for sure that if there WAS an answer---you would know the real story, before you said anything! And your posts are always fascinating to read. I am such a kindergarten 'starter' in learning about Susan! And because I am so interested in everything about her---my 'analytic' side comes out too much. All I know is that I am so happy to have both found this site and its lovely people--and I never get tired of anything "Susan"!

Thanks loads for writing back. Your information about Susan is phenomenal--and we are so lucky to have you as one of our 'intrepid reporters'!

Best to you, Errol,

PS (Off the topic....do you or anyone else know if Gloria ia well? I don't think I've read any posts from her on the Board, since I joined.....and I'm hoping that she is not ill!)

Re: Was this "Rawhide" trivia on IMDb about Susan True?

Lynn..it is very strange that we were both thinking about Gloria at the same time, because I just sent a private message to Ginger on facebook, a day ago, to ask her if she knew anything about Gloria. I too, had wondered if she might be ill, since she has not posted for so long. I have not heard from Ginger (and you and I had never talked about this at all..but both of us seemed to be thinking about her at the same time)..so maybe Ginger will have some info on her in the near future. I hope Gloria is fine..and has just not been 'on board' for awhile...