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The "Other" Twin

One of my New Year's resolutions is to, at last, introduce myself to this fine board and its 'international cast-of-characters.' Your ability to honor Susan Hayward -- your accolades for her acting talents and your affection for her as a 'real person' and not some cardboard cutout -- has made this board a goldmine for those longtime admirers AND for those, such as my twin, Lynn, and myself, who came a little late 'onto the scene.'

Lynn, who has been onboard for a few weeks and whom you've gotten to know a bit, and I were swept into the world of Susan Hayward when, browsing through my NYC neighborhood vintage/used bookstore, I came across Beverly Linet's biography. I glanced through it, saw that it seemed quite 'literate,' and since I've been in the acting profession and enjoy a good read about good actors, I took the book home...but I'm ashamed to say that it took about a year or so before Lynn and I rediscovered the book in my 'untamed' bookshelves!

BUT - when we DID read it - we had identical reactions. "More! More!" We needed to find out more about this unique actor of her times AND we needed to see her films! Of course, the more we saw, the more intrigued we became, until finally, we sought the Internet. And THERE, we found Ginger's quite extraordinary site.

Being TWINS, we, of course, (having checked out the photos), zoomed in on Susan Hayward's twins, TIM and GREG - born within a year of us, with family photos that, although mostly shot for publicity purposes, nevertheless were identical in many ways to shots of Lynn and I and our parents at that age. Our mother had that same '40's hairdo (tho NOT that glorious red!), and the pix of Susan and her boys on trikes and in rootin' tootin' cowboy outfits, duplicated pix in our own family album. (Lynn and I, city slickers, had cowgirl outfits and always wanted to live on a ranch and ride horses!!) Those charming photos truly hit a nostalgic note in me, and I thank Tim for his generosity in sharing his family with us.

I am still a 'novice' when it comes to the numbers of Susan Hayward films that I've had the opportunity to enjoy. But those that I've seen have made me a "believer." As an actor for a number of years, as much as I want to 'throw myself' into the fantasy of film, there is always a little part of me that can't help but tune into an actor's performance. And THAT is an important part of what made me a Susan Hayward fan. No matter what part she took on, I could tell that she was using some "sense memory" - bringing her actual past - struggles and triumphs - into the present. It is what makes her so real in each and every one of her films. Call it "The Stanislavski Method," The Actor's Studio, Naturalism or whatever! (LOL) -- Susan Hayward was, innately, always "present" in her roles, and I do believe THAT is behind the charismatic spark that has made so many filmgoers embrace her performances....and take a part of her home in their hearts.

Thanks again to Ginger, Trish, Errol and all the wonderful people who contribute to this website. As Lynn's twin, I can probably say "ditto" to everything she's said here.

I also say "Thanks" to Tim Barker for sharing his insights and photos of his lovely family. (And as a twin, I'm sure that Greg Barker has a family he is similarly proud of. ) They've no doubt 'done their parents proud,' and I hope they take pleasure in the authenticity of the people on this board who are so much more than simple "fans" and who recognize the skills, uniqueness, and "humanness" of their mother, the one-of-a-kind Susan Hayward.

P.S. Lynn showed me Tim Barker's website - an amazing blend of fishing and family pride. (I have never seen anyone obsessed with fishing in the same way that Lynn and I are obsessed with skiing! Everything about the sport with the i's dotted and the t's crossed. LOL! That is how Lynn and I approach our interest in skiing. Every model of equipment - from skis to boots - and every technique noted and discussed. Maybe that is a "TWIN THING?!" )


Re: The "Other" Twin

Hi Alice...Welcome to the 'chat room' and hope to hear more from you.

Re: The "Other" Twin

Hello Alice,

So nice to hear from you and a big Welcome to Susan's Board. It is always good to get to know other admirers of Susan.


Re: The "Other" Twin

Hi Errol. Thanks so much for your warm welcome. It is very much appreciated. As I wander back in time through the Board's archives, I've come across your posts and they always make me smile and offer food-for-thought! There is a veritable feast here for Susan Hayward fans - both info and beautiful photos. And, of course, it is the camaraderie of the Board members that makes this a special place. Thanks again for making me feel so welcome.

Re: The "Other" Twin

Hi Trish. I just saw your lovely welcome and I'm so glad that I finally 'landed here.' I'm in total awe of all there is on this website to educate and delight a relatively new Susan fan, and I thank you, Trish, for all that you, yourself, have contributed! My NEXT step - eagerly anticipated! - is to try and catch up on the many Susan films I've missed. (Ironically, I may have seen some in the 50's-60's on television, when our channels were filled with the great films of the 40's-50's....but, alas, I was undoubtedly too young to appreciate them the way I would now. And as to WHY I haven't seen them SINCE then, well.... as Ricky Ricardo would've said to Lucy, "You got plenty 'splaining to do!")