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Re: Carrollton, GA

Hello and WELCOME, Kathy!!

I'm Lynn, Alic's twin sister, and I would have said hello earlier, but I was battling some mean little germ! It's so nice to meet you and to find other's who recognize Susan Hayward as 'special' amongst other actresses of her time.

Like my twin, I was 'late' in becoming really aware of her until, after watching one of her old films on television, it struck me how not only was she an unusual actress in her ability to focus on each role--but how her personality seemed decades ahead of her time!

I've never been to Carrolton (I live in Manhattan) or to your home area, but I'll bet you're not expecting a one to two foot blizzard today!?! I did try to beat the shopping rush this morning, but frantic New Yorkers over-react to a storm warning here like there will never be another food delivery to the city again--not until they are just skeletons lying at home on the floor with am empty jar of peanut butter clutched in their tibias (is it?)!! Anyway, so, by 7 a.m., I found myself mingling with the hoards, desperately grabbing milk and bread!!! ...And starting this note an hour late!

As a newbie to the board, myself, I found that the best way to learn about Susan and her films, is to start in the Archives, at whatever page number was the Board's first, when by Ginger.

Not only will you learn about Susan and her films, but many of the longest posters from years ago had lots of fascinating stories to tell. (And DO read Errol's post "My Foolish Mouth", which had me laughing so hard, as I imagined behaving exactly as he did, when he finally got to meet and talk with Susan!!!)

There are also great links you can get to from those sugggested, including the fun of reading one of Susan's twins, Tim's blog--where you will not only get family photos and facts---but you will learn more about his hobby--trout-fishing (complete with beautiful photos of every kind of colorful bait that has ever graced this planet!) It really is fun to follow Tim's blog. (Great family photos!)

At any rate, I found that by starting to read the Archives backwards to front (and I'm still only halfway finished!!), I learned so much about Susan and her life and all the differing reactions each poster has to the large variety of films she made.

She is, indeed, a woman worth reading about, as well as watching her films (Youtube has some of them)--and I found myself admiring more and more how she fought the difficulties that life threw at her. Enjoy, also, the beautiful and unusual collection of photos (both 'professional' and 'at home'), which posters like Trish, Errol, Ginger, etc, etc. contributed. (My favorites are the unposed photos of Susan and her boys, when they were children. You can tell that she sure loved them!)

The Board's been very slow lately, but please don't let that stop you from popping in with any questions, your thoughts, etc. I can tell that there are a lot of 'lurkers' who enjoy reading what's going on, plus a small but very faithful group whose admiration for Susan and her work is lovely to see!

Hope to hear from you again. What a coincidence that you are near Carrolton! I don't know which city in Alabama (I think??) Tim's brother, Greg, has his veterinary practice--but perhaps quite close to you!

Take care, and, again, WELCOME!


Re: Carrollton, GA

Hi, again, Kathy!

I have just comdemned myself to writing 100 times on the blackboard that "I must not write a Susan story when I am three-quarters asleeep!!"

I have realized that I have make a mistake, and it was not Trish (such an accurate checker of facts), who was the writer of the folling story, which I talked about in my last post:

I'd written:

: ...... but she (Trish) also has a lovely story about meeting a neighbor, who told her about the good friends her adult relatives became with the very kind Susan, next door!"

I must have read this from either one of the books, or old articles, or, perhaps, someone else on the board??? All I know is that I committed the cardinal sin of anyone whose life has been spent editing---I lay half-asleep over my computer keys, neglecting to check exactly where these FACTS were from!"

I am so sorry, Trish!


Re: Carrollton, GA

That's o.k. Lynn - no worries!