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Re: Carrollton, GA

Hi, again, Kathy!

I have just comdemned myself to writing 100 times on the blackboard that "I must not write a Susan story when I am three-quarters asleeep!!"

I have realized that I have make a mistake, and it was not Trish (such an accurate checker of facts), who was the writer of the folling story, which I talked about in my last post:

I'd written:

: ...... but she (Trish) also has a lovely story about meeting a neighbor, who told her about the good friends her adult relatives became with the very kind Susan, next door!"

I must have read this from either one of the books, or old articles, or, perhaps, someone else on the board??? All I know is that I committed the cardinal sin of anyone whose life has been spent editing---I lay half-asleep over my computer keys, neglecting to check exactly where these FACTS were from!"

I am so sorry, Trish!


Re: Carrollton, GA

That's o.k. Lynn - no worries!