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Trying to catch up...

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not getting over to the board in so long. I had not realized I had not posted since Christmas, and I was appalled at myself, so please forgive!...and thank you all for keeping it going.

I answered some posts tonight and will try my best to check in again tomorrow night.

I have a bummer of a broken right arm (and I am right handed..aargh), which happened from a fall on January 18th. This now is no excuse since I have still been able to type, but I will tell you it has been painful so that I might get some sympathy and attention.. ha

Really, it is so much better, and I am supposed to be wearing a sling, but I cheat on that a lot because I hate it..however, I must try to do better with that.

Thanks again for keeping the home fires burning..

Re: Trying to catch up...

Hello, Ginger!!

Just want to say that it's good to hear from you and know that things are (basically!) okay! .....Except for your right arm, which evidently decided that a winter 'break' was in order!

I think a broken arm is an excellent 'woe-is-me' injury for curling up in a warm, cosy room, as, one by one, you go through piles of music or books you've been yearning to attend to! However, I've always been amazingly lucky to have never broken any bones, considering some 'epic misadventures' I've found myself in--so I shouldn't joke, as I'm certain it must have been very painful in the beginning!! And I hope the pain is now gone and you're mending nicely!!

Good to see you back, Lynn and Alice

PS I'd just said to Alice a few days ago--"Oh, no! Look what happened when we joined the Board---Ginger, our long-time moderator, took one look, packed her bags........and ran away!!

Re: Trying to catch up...

Thanks Lynn, and no, you two didn't scare me off...lol

I do know that we often take the so called little things forgranted until we don't have those abilities anymore or for a long period of time. As for me, I will rejoice when I can lift my right arm as high as I can the left! Live and learn!

Re: Trying to catch up...

Hi Ginger
I'm so sorry that my very first post to you is to offer my sympathies on your broken arm. OUCH! I'm sure that after the initial pain and trauma, an 'out-of-service' limb becomes a true nuisance. On the bright side, you are now, I hope, on the road to rehab and recovery - (and lots more piano time)!

(Which is a perfect segue into how much I LOVE your musical piece, Susan's Song. The melody is both touching and haunting [that last note never fails to give me a chill], and I look forward to hearing your other CD pieces.

I am SO happy that Lynn found your Board, and I've been going through the archives and enjoying all the treasures and tidbits to be found about Susan. You have put together an AMAZING website! Bravo! And a humongous "THANK YOU!"

Alice (Twin B)

P.S. Years ago my aunt broke her arm (she was in her 80's), and the Dr. told her she'd never again be able to raise her arm to the middle of her back. As she recovered, she did all the arm exercises she could find - and her arm movement was TOTALLY restored! So I have little doubt that you - comparatively a "spring chicken!" - will in due time be "rejoicing" over the revived powers of your right arm!

Re: Trying to catch up...

Ginger....so sorry to hear about your broken arm. I have been through that before, but when I was much younger. We were playing kick ball and I was feeling so great, because I had just (almost) made it all the way from home plate to third base...smiling to myself...when all of a sudden, the ball was thrown and went between my legs...making me trip on the ball and fall on the arm. Not a good experience as you well know.

But I think as you get older, it is much worse and harder to heal...so please take care! I was only in the 5th grade when it happened...but then later..in 1979 I jumped some weeds while walking at Land's End in San Francisco..and wound up breaking my ankle in three places. They told me I may never walk again..but I survived it all. I even remember getting a 'rush' from the doctor to get out of the hospital, after the second operation...and made sure he released me on a certain day! Afterall,, it was OSCAR NIGHT and I had to get back to my apt. to watch the awards.... . I wasn't going to miss 'the show' and be stuck in the hospital..so I took a taxi home...slid on my butt...up six flights of stairs and into my apt. in time for the 'show'...

Just hope...all is going well with you and that you are healing, so you can get back to the piano again...

Take care...Errol...