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Kathy's Photos/No.1

Here is a frontal view of the home in which Susan and Eaton lived while waiting to move into their ranch style home not too far away. I have seen this home and the surrounding area during my visit to Carrolton about 25 years ago.


Re: Kathy's Photos/No.1

Dear Kathy! (and Ginger for using your broken arm in the line of duty!)

I've been meaning to tell you, Kathy, how much I appreciate the chance to see all these photos. Although I have viewed beautiful ones from Trish, each new photo from a diffferent photograher is still so 'fresh' when seen from a different angle....or closer up or further back. Each has its own special 'atmospher', which seeps into your imagination!

It's a strange feeling 'peeking' into someone's life, when you never knew that person--and yet the connection feels so strong. Especially viewing a home lived in by such a very special person. For me, that is a very vivid way of connecting with and sensing the life and the joy that went on there. And Susan called it the happiest period of her life. Viewing each photo DOES give one an inner view of the sense of life gone by.

Like all the others here, who have contributed their pictures to the board, Kathy........I just what to thank you so much for giving me even more aspects of Susan's life to think about.

Love to both you and Ginger--and, of course, Trish, Errol and our other photographic members who have made Susan's life feel as real to us as is possible!