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In the Jewish religion, we light a candle each year for a loved one who has passed away on that date. We smile and shed tears as we remember all there was to love about that family member or a dear friend. The candle stays lit for 24 hours.

Can you imagine if all of Susan Hayward's fans lit a candle on this date? She made so many lives brighter and the round-the-world glow of those candles would surely be seen by Susan, sitting on a star, in awe and wonderment at all the people who DO remember her. I read that one of Susan's favorite "good-byes" to friends was "See ya in the funny pages." So I'll stop here by saying "Thanks for giving us the joy of seeing YOU in each and every wonderful film that you made come alive with your unique spirit.

And like my twin, Lynn, expressed earlier, I send to Susan's twins Tim and Greg and their families, my wishes of special memories of past times of love and laughter.


Well, Alice -

Your very own twin Lynn is going to be the first (amongst others, I hope) to answer this post--because, as we have alway been prone to--guess who also thought yesterday of writing the very identical post explaining this lovely tradition of a candle being lit each year!! I DID!! (And how nice it would be if this was done for Susan.)

Without my speaking a word to you about the idea---as I had gotten involved in other posts--I had absolutely no inkling that you had thought of this gesture, as well! We never discussed it at all--another oddity amongst many identical twins!

Anyway, it is not such a solely religious act! Candles have been lit all over the world for so many reasons, that any regligions, atheists, etc. could partake simply as a tribute to Susan, who 'lightened' so many of our lives!

So.....since identical twins do tend to think alike, may I join Alice in this luminescent idea! Even without her 'specs' I think Susan will see the light (and the love)!

With love, Alice, from your twinkling twin, LYNN


Lynn and Alice,

Amazing - two minds with a single thought but maybe not that amazing as you are identical twins!

Regarding lighting a candle I remember some years back Ginger gave us a link so that we could light a candle for Susan. We had to renew it every few days and I kept it going until the link disappeared! I know it was only via the computer and not in real life but it is such a lovely thought.