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Re: Susan and her Specs!

Hi, Kerry, :-)

It's Lynn, Alice's 'older' twin sister by 8 minutes, who checked out the territory first.......then called back "Hey, Alice, c'mon out---the atmosphere's fine. Just looks a little blurry to me...."

Your conversation about Susan, Dorothy Parker, glasses, etc. suddenly brought back a 'cringe' moment, of just how little things had changed re glasses in the mid-1960's. When taking a summer course up at Cornell U, called "Abnormal Psychology" (wanted to see just HOW abnormal I REALLY was! LOL!), I was invitde to dinner by this guy I'd met on the campus.

As we sat down at the table, and the menus came, I took off my glasses, as I did not need them for close up--only for distant objects. And--would you believe--this guy actually had the nerve to stare at me and say "You know, you look much better without your glasses You shouldn't wear them out!!" Well, if only I'd said what I was seething over with. I just wanted to shove my chair WAY back from the table and say "Oh, yeah?! Well--some things are best left well out of focus!!" LOL!

You know, the first time I heard that Susan H had made that noirish film (also read somewhere that it was after 'Rawhide'?) only three months after the twins were born, I thought it was some inaccurate rumor! Wow, those must have been SOME 'Kryptonite' foundation undergarments she wore underneath her dress to pull THAT off! No wonder there were no wardrobe changes during the film!!

By the way, my favorite quote, that I THINK was another Dorothy Parker classic......Didn't she say, when the telephone rang in the peace of her home...."What fresh Hell is THIS!?!" (How true.....obtrusive....and way too relevant in today's computer spam--AND 'Invasion of the Telephone People'!!)

best, Lynn