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So glad I could be of help, Errol. But you'll have to forgive me for putting the wrong address down. The Polish Tea House was on 48th Street--not 27th St! Don't know how I got it so wrong? Where was my mind? WHAT mind!

Anyway, I believe that the place that took the cafe over when the owner died, MAY have been affiliated in some way, but I don't think that all those delectable Eastern European dishes still arrive at your table!

What a funny story in the play about this young woman being encouraged by her star-struck mother to order tuna sandwiches--if you wanted to seek fame and fortune! (It may not win you an Oscar, but funnily enough, tuna (and chicken salad) sandwiches have always seemed to be some sort of 'national lunch staple' for young women working in New York!)

My Mom's generation 'feasted' over these 'exotic' lunches....and so did my own generation......and the one just after mine! For the life of me, I'm not quite certain 'why' the big deal!?!

(More about those Carnegie Deli 'exclusive' sandwiches, named for the 'stars', when I write more in another post! Tuna for Susan, eh? I'd thought, for her, more about blood-red, strips of Porterhouse steak with all the trimmings, etc.!") I shall try to find their menu, which I once saved, because they listed some rather interesting concoctions!

That WOULD be an odd topic, Errol...and fun to match the 'famous' with their food fetishes!

Cheers, Lynn