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Happy Birthday Trish

Hello Trish,
Wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday. You deserve all the "best" wishes now and always. "See you in the funny papers"
Love Ray

Re: Happy Birthday Trish

Hi Trish...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY....I guess Ray beat me to the punch! I was about to put it on last night..(since I am up in the wee small hours)..but decided to wait until today...

Anyway...hope you have an wonderful BIRTHDAY...and many, many...more!!...

Re: Happy Birthday Trish

The third Musketeer arrives to add my natal wishes as well Trish.

Hope you had a great birthday.


Re: Happy Birthday Trish

Many thanks for your birthday wishes Ray, Errol and Kerry. I had a great day with many cards and gifts and was taken out to lunch with friends. I than spent the rest of the day with my daughter and family.

I did have a message that Errol and Paula had written on my Facebook BUT I have never used this since it was opened originally and have never been in there. Thank you both for the kind thoughts though.


Re: Happy Birthday Trish

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Tris-s-s-s-s-h,
Happy Birthday to you-u-u-u-u-u-u-u!!!

Well, here come the Twin Musketeers, Lynn and Alice, hoping you had the most beautiful day with your loving family! Alice will no doubt be along shortly--we were both felled by stomach yuckies for two days--hence the birthday delay!! So--while you ate cake, we.....ur......did NOT eat cake!!

I also have no doubt that you shared your birthday plunder with your dear friend Susan and perhaps even enjoyed a few of her flicks together!!! And, if you REALLY went all out for her, you both enjoyed a steak so rare, it was still trying to escape and outrun its fate, (as it sat by a plate of creamed spinach, and all the trimmings!)

But April 25 was YOUR special day, and I hope it brought all the happiness you deserve! Well! Ray went ahead and beat me to the punch by ending "See you in the funny pages!"--but since Susan and I were generationally different neighbors, but neighbors all the same (I lived in the Bronx!), I hope he will not be insulted if I end with that same phrase of her's, which always made me laugh!!

I do think you should let today extend into a two-day celebration of your birthday, so you have my dispensation to enjoy the day in any lovely way you feel like enjoying it!

Lotsa love, Lynn (and her twin, soon to arrive) xxx

Re: Happy Birthday Trish

"And Alice met the White Rabbit who raced along crying, 'I'm late! I'm late! For a VERY IMPORTANT DATE!' Which reminded Alice that she, TOO, was 'late for a very important date!'"

The moral of this story? Alice should check the Message Board every day, lest she miss wishing a most special person like TRISH a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

With much, much love and hugs and 'stars' to wish upon,

Alice (and her Shih Tzu, the venerable Aubrey - 18 yrs old! & Violet - the "baby" at 2 yrs)

Re: Happy Birthday Trish

Trish, I'm sorry to be so late with your birthday greeting, but I hope you had a happy one!

I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I do better communicating there. My email is out of control...going through it and trying to make sense of it...lots of spam and overload.. I'm sorry if I'm missed any of yours or others emails...am checking through and trying to get caught up with it.