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Errol........Some Words on Your Wonderful Post!

Errol, my friend, you add so much healthy 'Oxygen' to the Board--with your posts covering both Susan, the 'Flower' of the Garden'--and with your nourishing of all the healthy roots that rise up from your stories and your kind and loving thoughts about this very special woman. You've been instrumental in keeping us together and encouraging us to share information about Susan--and ourselves!

Think of the ways in which we communicate within this Board, not just about Susan.....but how we start to discover that our thoughts about her slowly become integrated into other topics, as well....say, other performers or incidents in both Susan's life and those around her! Although we may initially focus on one specific 'Susan' question on our minds---it is usually just a short amount of time, or so before our interest weaves its way onto other similar topics that, hopefully, brings more and more of us into the conversation!

Of course, Susan is our special, beloved 'leading lady' on this Board---but I'll bet she would have been the first to have rolled her eyes and said "C'mon, every one! I mean---who DOESN'T want to have a Board dedicated specifically to herself.....BUT!! Don't ya ever think about how boring it gets up here for me, with no one else to pass on a few good 'stories'!! LOL! Or tell me more about THEIR lives!! Waiting 38 years for a few tidbits is a bit MUCH! laugh

Errol---you have been the glue on the Board, since Alice and I joined. You and Trish and several others definitely kept us hanging on! I saw such a drop in 'chat', when Al and I joined, that the two of us used to laugh at ourselves and think about how we had taken a wonderful, 'long-running' Board by Ginger---and managed to offend EVERYONE!! LOL!

And hearing Elaine worrying about being a 'wet blanket' is just as crazy as Alice and I imagining our posts as so 'shattering', that we swept away an entire board of intelligent, lovely people, the moment we opened our mouths!!! LOL!!

I have to say, that like Errol, I enjoy some off-topic moments......and some pure speculating about why we do the things we do. But, this is never done maliciously, and I am so naturally interested in how other people view or interpret themselves. I think that most of us are harder on ourselves than any one else.

(By the way, Elaine, I, too, wondered how Tim and Greg spent their summer in "Toxic Land". With Cleo? Tutors? Dad? And how far were they+ situated from the set. And, before I read the 3 books I bought on Susan and her life, I even wondered if the cast and crew had had any special info. from the government!? I was just too shy to ask Tim such personal info. And, yet, I did not hesitate to read his answer!! Especially with Tim's humor! We could enjoy a lot more humor on this Board--humor certainly keeps my own crazy life 'humming'!) laugh Anyway, Elaine--you just keep on writing--I sure appreciate your posts!)

And, Errol, here you are--picking up the Board when it's a bit 'down', polishing and shining it, with your enthusiasm and delightful stories, making me laugh and laugh--showing your love for Susan over and over--and then--BERATING yourself!!! And I know that no matter how many times I say it--you will STILL undermine yourself!!! LOL!! (Because I, too, often lack confidence--and in this "Tough it Out!" world we live in, I still find my confidence a bit on the 'droopy' side!--unless I'm defending OTHERS! For whatever reason---THAT comes much easier!)

Lastly, ('yes, there is always eventually a 'lastly' to my l-o-o-o-n-g posts!')...... LOL!........I am also always amazed at how our Mod, Ginger, is the ultimate 'multi-tasker'---and, not only does she do it all--but she does it all WELL!!

Errol, that are so many aspects to this Board that makes it an extraordinary one--and your many kindnesses and thoughtfulness--and humor--are a very large part of it. I really thank you for all you do! And that goes for so many other members on here.......like the very special Trish, who has also made Susan such a large part of her life and has done so much to help 'introduce' this extraordinary woman to me!.

And, Tim----you are one brave, brave guy. NOT just for standing in strange get-ups in freezing rivers, ( and LOVING it), while learning cool, new stitching patterns...........but for being here 'on Board' for your Mom, making sure she is remembered and loved and understood as well as any of us will ever truly understand those we love the most!

Errol, again, thanks for this post.....and for reminding us of what we could lose if we don't stick together on this beautiful Board lovingly put together by our hard-working Ginger.

hugs to all, Lynn (and Alice)


Thanks...Lynn and Alice...YES...I do 'beat myself up' and will for awhile now. But if I have offended anyone..again..I do apologize....


Errol, please don't ever apologize for all you contribute to this Board. Your respect and admiration for Susan and her work, and all your shared memories, are often what drives the conversations on this Board. And your affection for Susan is truly 'contagious' to us 'new fans' who have fallen in love with her films and her talent. So, Errol, like Lynn and Elaine have echoed: "MORE! MORE! MORE!"

And a round ( ) of cheers to:

Ginger - Our talented founder!

Trish - Always around to inform us or to share a Post.

Tim: "Resident Artist, historian, fisherman, and humorist!"


Thanks Alice...for the kind words..and I'm sure the others you mentioned feel the same way!....



As I mentioned in my e-mail to you, you should never be reluctant to discuss whatever you want on the board without fear that you are offending anyone. At the same time, everyone should feel free to express his or her opinions without having to censor these comments.

I'm sorry that I have not posted on this board as much as in the past, but a combination of health/life/business situations prevented me from being more active.

But I have enjoyed the various discussions, and now that I have a new computer, I hope I will be able to post more often. In the meantime, I appreciate reading all the differing but enlightening opinions.

Elaine, I can give you a run for your money in the "wet blanket" department. In truth, I welcome your comments because I agree with a lot of them. So here's to the truth, a sense of humor and no recriminations.



Hi, Jill,

I'll join you in that toast!!

And no more apologies from anyone! I enjoy each and everyone of you for your spirit and individuality---and I love reading everyone's posts and everyone's point of view!!

I especially agree with you, Jill, about humor!! I seem to remember (but am too lazy to check back now) that one of the joking 'warnings' I may have given, when I was a 'newcomer' (and if more people don't join this Board--I will ALWAYS be a newcomer!! LOL!), was that being from NYC, I just wanted to let everyone know that we do sometimes have a pretty irreverent, sarcastic--but never mean--way of chatting. In fact--it is a sign that I feel most comfortable with a group, when I have more confidence to joke around. Amongst my friends here in the city, the closer pals we are--the more likely we are to use irony! Heh heh heh!!!

Humor---laughter and seeing the 'lighter side'--has probably helped me get through life in every way! Alternatively, I can find it more difficult to express true sentimentality that I may feel--but I can't seem to get it out!! Even though I know that it is, for sure, hiding out in at least ONE section of my heart!! LOL!

Anyway, I just hope that all of us on the board can come to appreciate all the many topics and the varying responses to them. That seems to be the best way of getting to know Susan---and one another!

I love reading posts from ALL of you! :-)

...and I send cheers to this Board, Lynn


Hi Lynn:

I appreciated your comments. I identify with your remarks about the New York manner. I am a born and bred New Yorker, who was exiled to California quite a while ago through no fault of my own--ha, ha) and have not lost my New York ways. Of course, I've mellowed a bit amidst the palm trees and nuts but can still work up a sarcastic remark or two when provoked.

So between the two of us perhaps we can join together to spice it up when things get too nice and cozy. I like to think Susan would appreciate the New York state of mind we bring to the Board.



Aha, Jill!!

So, my vibes were correct! Somehow, I just detected from your posts, that there may reside at least some RELATIVE of yours, who once walked the city streets (uh...THAT doesn't sound very nice--'walked the city streets!' ...But you know what I mean!!)

And--it turns out to be YOURSELF! You just can't keep a New Yorker's hint of irreverence and irony down! It just bubbles up on its own! The times I was out West either in California....or Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, etc. (mostly skiing), I felt like I could easily win the title of the 'Most Sarcastic Mouth in the West'!! Because people were so darn nice and sincere that I absolutely had to stifle all these comments that kept coming into my head, which might have started other New Yorkers partaking in a game of 'one-upsmanship' (like an impromptu stand-up comedy group)--but it was 'dark' humor, which I would never, ever say to so many of the truly sweet and sincere people I met, say, in Utah.

(Living in London for 11 years only made me worse--the British are the MOST hysterically ironic, sardonic comics, who are into 'intense teasing' so quickly that you have to be constantly ready to parry with them. En garde!!)

Anyway, Jill, I most certainly agree with you that we would make perfect 'partners in crime' when things get too 'nice and cozy', as you put it! And I agree that Susan would gladly throw in a wry line or two---even if she did insist that she had always had a....'yearning?'......for a Southern gentleman who would be in charge! In truth--where she was raised--the land did NOT tend to be the best soil for growing ladies who emerged from the garden, even LOOKING for some 'gentleman to take over her'......!!

At any rate, Jill---I do think that Susan, at least occasionally, would have liked a good line! So, let's see if we can 'stir' a bit.....and offer her some of the funny side of life!




How astute of you to sense I'm from New York. I know what you mean about dealing with others in midwestern and western parts. They never get the New York humor and think you are serious. One time I made the comment, something like, "Oh, it took me a thousand times to do that," and someone looked at me real serious and said, "Oh, really that many times"? "Noooooo, I was kidding!" But why do I have to say I was kidding???? As a kid I used to spend summers in Cleveland and had to endure razzing about my New Yorkese -- that was a barrel of laughs.

Another thing we have in common is my love of London. I have been there only twice but the memories linger. Unfortunately, as a tourist I didn't get to experience the British sense of humor in real life -- though I love "Fawlty Towers." Does that count? Of course, I did see some wildly eccentric people and enjoyed that immensely.

Speaking of Susan's quest for the country gentleman, this New Yorker (me) had her southern fling as well. I fell hard for a Missourian by way of Arkansas and ended up living in a place called Willard for a few months until I came to my senses. But I still do love southern men! Let's face it, they can really pour on the charm.

By the way, if these conversations get too general, let's rendezvous over at the General board -- or throw in Susan's name here or there -- just to fool everyone. Just kidding.



Greetings, Jill,

Yes, this should proably be on the General Board, but since we started this conversation on Errol's turf, I'd better answer you here, or you'll be wondering where I answered you! (Errol - I am sorry we somehow commandeered your Subject post.....and I don't blame you and Susan one bit, if you are both very miffed and are singing to us....."Hey, YOU, Get Off of My Cloud"! Apologies!)

I'm very happy to hear, Jill, that you are an Anglophile, too! I lived there for 12 years, and I must have explored nearly the entire U.K., in order to see and be a part of it all. (Though I always lived in London.)

And, yes, of course "Fawlty Towers" counts! It is a show that not many Americans found very amusing......at least not until you've lived there awhile and actually MET the odd person like that! And, if you ever got to watch "Not the Nine O'Clock News"--a political and all-around satire--that is a series VERY much worth trying to find it showing somewhere. Maybe Youtube??

Although I was not fishing in England, I did manage to haul in a rather nice Englishman, who wriggled on the line for a bit--but eventually decided to come back to New York with me (I really missed my twin sister) and get married, after 7 years of us going out! (We had, I guess 'a good run'---but after 20 years---like a river that ebbs and flows......we sadly 'ebbed' and did separate. So, I've been single since 2002 and have actually found that I think I prefer it to marriage.

So, Jill, like Susan, you were smitten by a 'Southern Gentleman'?!?! No relation to the 'Chalklies', I trust???? Believe it or not, I have never met an honest-to-goodness born and bred Southern male!! So--they really DO turn on the charm? We live in such a gigantic country, that the South and all the other sections of the USA could be completely different countries--all with varying accents, mannerisms, beliefs, humor....and food!! (I've had about 8 British pals, who've toured the USA over the years, since I moved back from London--and they ALL (believe it or not.....but, nevertheless, showing impeccable taste!) ......said they enjoyed New York the most. They found it the most similar and 'homey' to London--which rather amazed me! (Mind you, I agree with them--but don't want to sound like a snarky New Yorker!)

Anyway, I've seen a bit of the South (my younger sister's been in Florida since 1973 or so), and the states I've been through seemed more foreign to me than England!

By the way, one last thought. When you told me about the person who took you so literally when you said "It took me 1,000 times to do that!"---I have had so many amusing reactions as well, when I was only kidding around! And the phrase that still makes me laugh the most is this one I heard mostly in Utah and Colorado: i.e. If I'd ask a waiter if they had a certain type of dish I liked"......he'd give me a huge smile and say "Sure don't!!" Or, "Is there a Ladies' Room in here? And--with same big grin, "There sure isn't!" As if they were overjoyed to be able to deprive me of something! My sister and I heard that expression so much, especially when skiing out West each year, that it became almost impossible for us to look at each other when we heard it....and not go into convulsions of laughter!!!

Of course, the Brits never stopped teasing me and imitating my "Nu Yawk" accent!! I have to laugh when I remember that Susan talked just like I did--until Hollywood took over and washed her mouth out with soap!!
(I did take 'diction' lessons one year to knock the worst of the Nu Yawk out of me----and, now people say "Where in the world do you come from??" So I must have somehow made up my OWN peculiar accent!)

Uh, oh, this post so much belongs in the General area, that I fear it is going to grow legs and walk over there by 'itself'!!! So, I'll say farewell for now, Jill.....and see you at the......hmmm........'whatever' board very soon.


PS The General Board should be great for generating conversations. I had never seen it being used!