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Hi Everyone,

I have briefly read some of your posts tonight. I'm glad you are enjoying the message board because it is for Susan admirers to share a common interest.. love and appreciation of Susan Hayward and her contributions.

Sometimes it's slow and then sometimes it is hoppin'..just go with the flow. I think it's been online for almost 14 years now. I'm trying to remember for sure, but I think I started this website and message board in 1999 from what I recall.

I'm in and out, but I want it to be here for you as long as I am able to keep it going, which hopefully will be a long time...

So glad to see Jill back on board...

I have tried to set up a section of this board to discuss other subjects. Try and see if you can access it...If you click "general" at the top, it should take you there to another section of the board. I experimented with this quite a while back, and I'm not sure I explained correctly how to get there, and maybe I haven't got it working properly, but maybe you can try...so basically, to post on the Susan section, click Ginger's Susan Hayward Message Board, and to post on other subjects, click "general"...well, just give it a try. I may need to adjust it or figure it out if I'm doing something wrong....I appreciate everyone's interests!

P.S. If you click "Index".. you will always get the main link to each message board...try it

Re: Hi!

Hi, Ginger!

So, very nice to hear from you! And thanks so much for clearing up the 'other topic' board. I could never figure out if anyone was reading it, which is why I've discussed topics other than Susan on her Board, on occasion--rather than losing contact with everyone if there was no 'Susan' talk.

But, this "General" Board is such a good idea and should work fine if people use it. My only uncertainty is that very often talk about Susan somehow involves others---and is it okay to include them if they played a part in her life? I would not want to 'go over the line'. On the other hand, it's really pretty obvious to me when I'm about to veer WAY off-course! And, now I know to go over to "General" So, thanks very much for explaining it all.

By the way, I love the drawing you've added. The expression on Susan's face is marvelous--it reflects so many moods she could be in! And Tim and Greg's depictions are just full of character, too!!

Do you know who drew this?

Well, I hope all is well in your life, Ginger, and it is always great to see your name on the Board. I know that you are so very busy! (I so often play your "Susan's Song", as there is something very, very touching about it--even when it can make me feel sad, as well. That's it, really---it is so full of 'feeling'--and it truly is "Susan's Song".)

Enjoy all the new colors of the season! Lynn

Re: Hi!

Hi Lynn,

As far as the message board/s, don't feel like you are in a box about it. Susan's board is an effort to generally talk about her, but there will be cross over areas. No problem...but the general board will give folks a chance to discuss other topics. We'll try it out.

I'm glad you like my music and Susan's song. Thank you.

I always thought this "portrait" was probably a photograph and then given a pencil effect, but really, I don't know much about it at all.. maybe someone else here does, or if Tim pops by he can add info. He would know

Re: Hi!

Ginger...LOVE..the sketch of Susan with Tim and Greg. Thanks for putting it on here.

Hope people continue to 'post' on here. One or two cannot do it alone..and I am about through with trying. If I have something interesting to post..I will do so, other than that...let someone else start posting.

I am sorry...things went 'off subject'..but it did...and really shouldn't have.

You know my main concern has always been to post things about Susan.

Right now...it is time for me to concentrate on the two upcoming shows I will be doing....but will also be checking in..and respond..to those who will, hopefully, continue to use the board and post some interesting SUSAN things.


Re: Hi!

No problem, Errol...also, when you have time, check and post at the "general" side of the board for miscellaneous topics. Jill has found it.. others are welcome...okay to get off topic on Susan's ..we aren't in a box here.. just enjoy

good luck with your shows...

Re: Hi!

Hi everyone,

Regarding the lovely portrait of Susan above, I know it came from COLLIER's magazine during 1956 or '57 and I have the original somewhere. Not sure who drew it (or photographed it) but I think it was probably drawn from a photograph. I did give Tim a copy some years ago (via Ally when I spent the day with her in New York) and I don't believe he already had it. I personally think it is one of the best pictures of Susan with her boys ever to be published.