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Don't Forget

to click "index" and then click "general discussion"..this will take you to a board where you can talk about anything you want, except politics, please,I can't control myself.. will just make us all mad at each other.. can save that for other parts of the internet...if possible

If you have any suggestion for "categories", let me know...i.e. "trivia'...
"recipies", "books", "music", etc. etc.


Re: Don't Forget

Hi, Ginger,

I just made an error! When the post arrived, informing me of a response to one of my posts (don't know which one now)--I accidentally hit the Unsubscribed Website on the bottom of the message.

What do I have to do to 'resubscribe' and would my action had eliminated any of my posts or the post that person sent me??

Many thanks!


Re: Don't Forget


I'm sorry. I don't really know the answer to that. I don't have it set up where I receive emails to notify of a post, but it looks like that option is available and I guess some of you are using it.

I just have the link to the message board bookmarked or I go to Susan's homepage, and then click the message board link.

Sorry, I'm not much help with that.