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YouTube Finds

Hi all:

Just found out that "Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole," the TV movie Susan did in 1972, is on YouTube. I watched it last night and was thrilled to see it finally. It was a surprisingly touching and poignant story. The clips are divided into 8 parts so be aware you have to click on each segment after the first one is finished.

Also on YouTube is a short clip from "Heat of Anger," the other TV show she did.

Anyway, I was so excited to find these gems. Check it out.


Re: YouTube Finds

Thanks SOOOO much, Jill! Like you, I've always wanted to see this television film. I've heard many positive comments about it, and I know that this will be a real treat!

Re: YouTube Finds

Hi, Jill,

Some months ago I happened to find "Good-bye, Maggie Cole" on Youtube, and was delighted to see Susan looking so well and still the capable actress with the 'zing' in her voice and the flash in her eyes, which first drew me to her, when I only recently 'discovered' her, from this wonderful Board.

As Jill says, it is a very poignant, touching story, and Susan played the role beautifully--with just the right nuance and pain it required. I thought it a real treat watching Susan's acting still blossoming, as she matured and went on to try other media.

Thanks for mentioning this special 'extra' for the those who may have missed it!


Re: YouTube Finds

I guess I'm "out of the loop." I was under the impression this TV movie was not available anywhere. I only searched for it on YouTube never really believing it was there. Hope in the future we can keep each other up to date on any new Susan material. For example, there are two clips from "Heat of Anger." If you find anything further, please let everyone know. Even Ginger was not aware of "Maggie Cole" being on YouTube.


Re: YouTube Finds

Thanks, Jill. I have had Say Goodbye Maggie Cole on vhs for quite a long time. I might have Heat of Anger too, but I can't remember for sure. I need to go through my collection.

Youtube is great, and I really don't mind watching the films in segments. I have to pause them a lot anyway when I watch the full length ones.