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Photo Change

That photo currently in situ on the Board here is one of my favourite studio style shots of Susan.

The strapless black with the lace opera style upper arm gloves are wonderful.

The black and white is great and I would not want it changed, but would have loved to see a colour reproduction as well as I can imagine her hair and eyes with that alabaster skin would be dazzling.

Re: Photo Change


I certainly do agree with you--this photo Ginger put up is gorgeous. I wondered if this outfit was used for a film she was shooting?

And, in addition to Susan, the dress and the opera gloves....my eyes also fastened onto that beautiful brooch she is wearing! Not that I can see it very well, but, as my mother was the youngest of 9 children, all my aunts were much older---and they left us so much of their unbelievably interesting brooches from the 20's through the 60's!!! We often take them all out just to LOOK at them--and wonder what life was like then!

Susan's brooch is so much in the style that my mother and my aunts just loved. While I'm a great fan of black and white photography, I would have loved to have seen not just Susan in her beautiful color--but the brooch! Probably silver, although they did use so much lovely color in jewelry in those days.

I was so shocked the first time I saw Susan in a picture without 'movie makeup'---and saw all those freckles!! Wow--I barely recognized her! But she looked so cute.

Well, for THIS particular photo, I shall just have to close my eyes and imagine that flaming red hair in my mind!

Take care, Kerry,


Re: Photo Change

WOW! What a truly beautiful shot! (Susan HAD to be happy when she saw the proofs!) She looks quite young there - I am assuming this was taken during her very early days in Hollywood?

Re: Photo Change


You wondered when this photo of Susan was taken - well it was certainly pre November 1944 - probably that year. I have an article entitled "Susie Loves Jess" from Screenland, November 1944 where it shows Susan in this photo with Jess superimposed in the background.