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There have been a couple of Susan Hayward fan pages for a while on facebook, but I just decided to add one of my own and also publicize this website and message board. If you are on facebook, please "like"...that would be great...you can search, Susan Hayward, Classic Film Star or click this link (I think you can only "like" if you , yourself, are on facebook). Copypaste or click the website icon below.. thanks


Re: Susan/Facebook


What a lovely idea! It'll be fun to check it out. Years ago I signed on, but never used Facebook as it froze-up my old computer. But I'll be checking this one.

Thanks, Lynn

PS I wonder what Susan would have to say about a phenomenon like Facebook!?
I had too many other things to become involved with, and I have to admit I'm still not used to the whole concept. I enjoy reading others......but feel weird about having my own page!! My friend, who is a writer/editor in 'real life' has now become a 'farmer'! That always makes me laugh!

Re: Susan/Facebook

If you get back on to fb, just google Ginger Haydon and send me a friend request.

Yes, I was into the farming for quite a while. It was fun, and it's actually very soothing after a hard day's work. The game started having a lot of pop up ads, and it just got too annoying, but it was a sort of mental therapy for a while. I really like the Word game now and it's pretty much like scrabble. It's kind of a "get a way" also.

Re: Susan/Facebook

Hi, Ginger,

(Is that beautiful girl your daughter? What a sweetie!)

Well, I think I sent you a friend request in the wrong place, then tried again and then may have messed THAT up. (Don't ever let a newbie near a computer!) That alone is a good reason I went into the arts and not the sciences!

Then I went to that word game, but don't see any instructions...just lots of consonants together? I suppose I should be bright enough for that to be self-explanatory. Facebook will be a challenge for me!!

my best from cyberspace, Lynn

Re: Susan/Facebook

Lynn, yes we are friends on FB now.. thanks, and also for the Susan Hayward, Classic Film Star "like'...

Also, I have an Alan Ladd, Classic Film Star FB page now.. if you liked him, you can "like" also. He only has 5 little friends now...ha...just search on fb
Alan Ladd, Classic Film Star.....thanks

Re: Susan/Facebook

So glad you made that page! :)