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Re: Susan/Facebook


What a lovely idea! It'll be fun to check it out. Years ago I signed on, but never used Facebook as it froze-up my old computer. But I'll be checking this one.

Thanks, Lynn

PS I wonder what Susan would have to say about a phenomenon like Facebook!?
I had too many other things to become involved with, and I have to admit I'm still not used to the whole concept. I enjoy reading others......but feel weird about having my own page!! My friend, who is a writer/editor in 'real life' has now become a 'farmer'! That always makes me laugh!

Re: Susan/Facebook

If you get back on to fb, just google Ginger Haydon and send me a friend request.

Yes, I was into the farming for quite a while. It was fun, and it's actually very soothing after a hard day's work. The game started having a lot of pop up ads, and it just got too annoying, but it was a sort of mental therapy for a while. I really like the Word game now and it's pretty much like scrabble. It's kind of a "get a way" also.

Re: Susan/Facebook

Hi, Ginger,

(Is that beautiful girl your daughter? What a sweetie!)

Well, I think I sent you a friend request in the wrong place, then tried again and then may have messed THAT up. (Don't ever let a newbie near a computer!) That alone is a good reason I went into the arts and not the sciences!

Then I went to that word game, but don't see any instructions...just lots of consonants together? I suppose I should be bright enough for that to be self-explanatory. Facebook will be a challenge for me!!

my best from cyberspace, Lynn

Re: Susan/Facebook

Lynn, yes we are friends on FB now.. thanks, and also for the Susan Hayward, Classic Film Star "like'...

Also, I have an Alan Ladd, Classic Film Star FB page now.. if you liked him, you can "like" also. He only has 5 little friends now...ha...just search on fb
Alan Ladd, Classic Film Star.....thanks

Re: Susan/Facebook

So glad you made that page! :)