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I hope everyone will please forgive me, for posting this tonight, instead of tomorrow, but I am going into tech rehearsals for two shows and will not have time to post tomorrow..for Susan's birthday..so I am doing it now.

I have said so many thing, over the years..about how Susan influenced my life with her great dramatic performances and how, through her strength, it gave me the strength to carry on and pursue my career.

Then...today I got thinking of something I might post that would show how I was influenced by her, way back then. It started out as a poem..then later, music was added to make a song. I was 16 years old and wanted to write a poem that would show a 'different' side of a movie I had been totally involved in. That was "My Foolish Heart" and the wonderful song, from the film, gave me the inspiration to write..a second song/poem...that was only 'partly' involved with the film story. What I came up with..I will now share in honor of Susan's birthday.


You wanted my kisses..and promised your love
In that magic moment..the stars shone above.
That first embrace, dear, gave our love its start...
I whispered.."I love him"..to MY VALENTINE HEART.

We were so happy..Our hearts were so high..
You told me you'd love me..til' the day you die.
My foolish lips murmured..that we'd never part...
For you were in love...with MY VALENTINE HEART.

Then came the day..you went away...
And with you went all my charms.
Though my lips burn..for your return..
I promised to wait..for your arms...

But I stand alone..and now realize..
Those things that you told me..were nothing but lies...
Your memory still lingers..though were far apart...
Now I stand here laughing...at MY VALENTINE HEART.

PLEASE REMEMBER...I was only 16 when I wrote this..so it may sound silly now, but it meant a great deal to me, at the time..and always will..I guess..




Believe me, Errol, that is a beautiful song/poem for a 16 year old to be able to convey. Your feelings shine through right up to Cloud 9--where Susan is surely humming along. I'm glad that you shared it with us. Though our words and depths of meaning may change as time rolls by, the love we feel never does.

My own image of Susan is of the brightest star in the sky and my song to her, the most simplistic, but heartfelt "Twinkle, twinkle little star, HOW I wonder what you are....up above the sky so high....like a diamond in the sky"** You are someplace beautiful, I hope!

**written by Ann and Jane Taylor (1783-1824)


(with special thoughts to Tim and Gregg)


PS Errol - Hope your theatrical summer is a wonderful one!


My thanks to you Errol for sharing your wonderful poem/song with us all.
So good to hear from you.


Dear Errol,

Beautiful poem - we are all linked together today so hope you are well and enjoy My Foolish Heart - a very special one for me when I first discovered Susan. Enjoy your summer and hope all goes well with you and the shows.




Dear Susan...our star who shines on.
This is the first birthday I am celebrating with you! And while it is the day when YOU were born, it is the WORLD that received such a special gift! Thank you for all that you gave us over your lifetime. You are indeed a "treasured gift that keeps on giving." Happy Birthday, Susan! "It's Today!"
With loving thoughts, also, to your family who adored you.

P.S. To Errol - Your tribute to Susan, 'My Valentine Heart,' when you were a boy of 16, says a lot about the sincerity, depth of feelings and the talent of the man you would grow up to be. From your fellow thespian: "Break a Leg" and enjoy every moment on stage!