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The Hairy Ape

Just to say that I've been feling somewhat under the weather these last few days, and so staying home and resting up. Well, today I watched--rewatched--The Hairy Ape. Hadn't sen it for years. Old style movie-making of course, but really a wonderful film. Susan at her most ******* yes; but also most glamorous--and a wonderful performance. She does her "bad girl" persona up to the hilt, but in many guises--expression, movement, the works. Even that early in her carer, such a fully rounded performance, and a commanding one--no one else could have fulfilled that role to that degree--though it's even more William Bendix's film nd he, too, gives a great performance. Some criticized it for not sticking to Eugene O'Neil's script and I'm sure that's true, but so what? That ony makes it more original--and possibly less tedious!

Re: The Hairy Ape

Hi, Bill

Sorry that you've not been feeling at your best, though a Susan Hayward film always works better than any over-the-counter analgesic I've tried! LOL!

But I found it interesting that you mentioned "The Hairy Ape", which I've had only one opportunity to watch on TV--and was really surprised how well Susan managed to play a role that could so easily have moved into the realms of over-acting, making it more a farce than a well thought-out film. (Though I think actresses like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford have given some 'eye-opening' performances during their careers---I can''t see them giving this particular part the nuance it needed!)

And I agree that William Bendix played HIS role at just the right balance. I thought he, too, was wonderful.

When you think of how early in her career Susan gave such depth to her role---not an easy one to keep from 'over-dramatizing'--she already had the tracings of an unusually natural and intuitive actress!

Hope you're feeling better, Bill--and remember that 'A spoonful of Susan helps the medicine go down'!! :-)

Take care,


Re: The Hairy Ape

Hi Bill,

Hope you are feeling better, and glad you are here on the board with us.

I haven't seen "The Hairy Ape" in quite a while, but Susan is great in it...you love to hate her...same as Hester in "Adam Had Four Sons"...she's the best bad girl ever!