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I changed Susan's homepage background just for something different for a while, and put the facebook page link at the top. You should be able to click and see the page. I'm not sure you can post on it, unless you are a member of fb, but you can try if you would like.

Click the website icon below to get to Susan's Homepage easily.


Hi, Ginger,

While I love the connection of "Susan" and "Red" used together, I don't know whether it is my eyes or not, but I am finding the yellow wording against the red background rather difficult for me to read as clearly and easily as before.

Maybe it's the "older eyes" syndrome finally hitting me---but the contrast of red and yellow is not as soothing to my vision.

I don't mean to criticize--and I may be the only one on the Board who has this difficulty---but just thought I should perhaps mention it!

(By the way--Alan Ladd is now one of my 'friends' and is, of course, 'liked'!)



Lynn, I guess I was looking for a firecracker effect or something.. ha..I'll work on looking for something more appealing or perhaps elegant. It just needs something different.

Yes, thanks for "liking" Alan..he has 6 friends now.. ha


I have been really having a hard time getting into my website to edit. It's starting to become very annoying and frustrating. I might just need to try and call yahoo.

Re: RED/black

I finally got in to the website today. Hopefully, I won't have any problems for a while. I changed the homepage background to black for now. I think it's easy to read and the colors show up. I want to put a maroon satin pattern background on it, it I can work it all out with the text colors, so for now black is beautiful as always.

I can hear the background music on my husband's computer (on the home page of Susan) but not on mine, so I don't know how that all works, and it must be in the individual setting of each computer. go figure..

Re: RED/black

You've just reminded me -- I have never heard the music on the homepage since I got my new computer. Should I be hearing music?

Re: RED/black

Morning, Ginger,

(5:40 AM in NYC--yes, I am a lousy sleeper and have already been down to the Lobby to pick up some mail and paid the bills over-due!) 'Malcolm', my normally rather impatient, imperious ('Yes you may scratch my ears when I tell you you can!") Lhasa Apso, has been lying politely on the floor, intuiting that this is serious financial stuff going on, and if these bills don't get paid, he will be eating dog food! A disgusting concept to him.)

Anyway!!! The point of my post is just to let you know that I have always been able to hear your music, which amazes me, as my computer normally cops out on nearly everything it is advertised to do!

I also want to tell you, Ginger, that I LOVE that concept of maroon satin, and I'm now racking my brain (and will shortly experiment on my paint program, just for fun) to look at an easy color print that might look nice with it. "Creamy vanilla?") It's so hard to clearly picture in my mind if what I'm imaginging together would actually look feasible--as, sometimes my brain thinks "Ah......romantic"---while my actual result screams "Oh, just give it a REST!")

Anyway, in the meantime, being from New York, where we mostly all love our ubiquitous black ("blacker-black is the new black"), may I say that I am very much enjoying your current 'exquisite color selection!

Lynn (AKA 'Blackie')

Re: RED/black

Yes,you should be hearing music on the homepage and some of the pages such as the intro to the "Back Street" section..it's something to do with the computer settings, and as I mentioned I can't hear the music on mine but I can on my husband's, and I don't know how to adjust it on mine, but will keep attempting to find out.

Re: RED/black

Hi Lynn, well let me know what you come up with. Getting the background in is quick and easy...it's just searching for the right thing, and I do like the satin one I found.. what takes longer is getting the text colors to work with the background that has been chosen..black is simple for now because it works with the colors I already have. I'm really glad you can hear the music.