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I just wanted to send a note to all of you and wish you the Happiest July 4th. We don't celebrate this holiday in the U.K. but I am always aware of my American friends having fun on this day.

All Kind Wishes,




If you were here, we would walk one street down the hill from my apartment buiding to Riverside Park along the Hudson River.........and at about 9:25 pm, we would all gather at the wooden rails by the water and crane our necks to the left....and ooh and aah with great excitement, as the Macy's Day sponsored fireworks' display starts to release thousands of brilliantly colored designs and patterns, from about three long barges situated in the middle of the river, where they are set up!

Some years they hand out neon necklaces and other small flashing toys! And every year, all sorts of American marching songs are played for about an hour on the barges!

Traditionally (when I lived, years ago, in the suburbs), each family house would invite friends and family to sit inside on their porches or in their back yards at wooden tables filled with freshly grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, ribs, corn on the cob, and bowls of cole slaw and potato salad, etc, etc.!!

Whether or not this is your holiday---have a lovely day, everyone!!

And thanks for remembering our holiday, Trish!!

Kind wishes to you, too!!

LYNN and ALICE xxx



I will be watching fireworks from the comfort of an easy chair. Every year there is a fireworks display that I can see from my window. Have never found out where it is taking place, but just enjoy it.

Also will be watching the Macy's fireworks on TV. Wish I could see it in person.

Happy 4th to you.



Like Trish in the U.K. - we don't have a July 4th holiday in Australia either. We have a 'version' named Australia Day that gives a national holiday on January 26th and celebrates nationhood.

But July 4th celebrations in the U.S. are something we grew up with in a sense and Hollywood certainly helped there.

We also get a quick grab on the evening news here with Macy's fireworks taking centre stage.

Enjoy the day -



Hi, Jill,

I, too, will be watching the Macy's Day Firework display from my easy chair, in my apartment!! Now, if TRISH were here visiting---a bonafide British (Welsh, no less!)international lady, frantically back-stroking her way across the Pond towards Manhattan, in time to watch the Big Event........THEN, and ONLY then, would I step out into the gasping hot NYC heat and humidity and crawl my way over to the river with poor Trish searching in vain for a breath of fresh air!! Because I would HAVE to take Trish to see the REAL fireworks rather than the television version!

However, Jill, you and I share a continent---so---we are allowed to lie back in our easy chairs and avoid the teeming hoards of a zillion dazed 'live' viewers stumbling back to subway entrances and bus stops.......and desperately looking for cool air.....and home!

So, maybe we're lucky not to be out there in person!! LOL!!

Anyway, enjoy the fireworks--and my job is to try to stay awake to watch the entire program!!

Have a great holiday!




Thanks for the information.....I never think in terms of other countries around the world even KNOWING about our July 4th celebrations!

Your January 26th 'nationhood' celebration sounds a bit like our Thanksgiving!

Thanks again for bringing our countries closer together! :-)



Sounds like fun Lynn - hope you all enjoyed your July 4th.

I have actually been in the U.S. numerous times and celebrated your holiday -the most remarkable was in 1976 when I was in L.A. with my two young daughters. You were celebrating your 200th Anniversary at that time too.

Little did I know (only found out in recent years) that if I had arrived a few weeks earlier, I could have attended the Auction of Susan's possessions. I would certainly have made the effort if only to buy a simple ashtray! To actually be there and able to purchase something that had belonged to Susan would have literally "blown my mind!" However, I do have a
catalogue in my possession so must be thankful for that.

Thanks for thinking of me Lynn - I like the idea of me "back-stroking across the Atlantic!" I WAS a strong swimmer when young - particularly under-water but maybe not that good!



I hope everyone here had a great 4th even if you weren't in the US!

I actually got to see the Macy's fireworks display when I visited my daughter, Kelly, who lived in NYC at the time, now lives in Brooklyn. It was fabulous. It was in the summer of 2002, and the first 4th of July celebration after 9/11. One of her friends had an apt. on the 10th floor not too far from the barges and we stood on the deck and watched those beautiful smiley faces right above us, and all the other wonderful patterns of the displays.People were ecstatic and honking their horns and filling the streets determined to make this one a great celebration and proving that we couldn't be kept down. I will never forget it.

This year, Kelly was home with us, and we had an equally wonderful time. She bought a lot of fireworks and she and some of our friends and family had our own display in our front yard and street. They are legal in our our town. She was somewhat fascinated by all of the fireworks tents here selling them like crazy in front of various storea around the city. Of course, she grew up with this, but hasn't actually been home on the 4th since 1996 as I recall. She is usually home at Christmas. She said that fireworks were illegal in NY and that you only enjoyed them from the organized displays (which is plenty of course!). Here the fireworks tents are full of people buying fireworks up until midnight or maybe just a little later, when they have to close. There are a lot of big displays around the Kansas City area (not like NY, of course), but a lot of people opt to have them in their own back or front yards after the barbecue or whatever, if their particular city is "legal." It was great fun.


Hi, Trish!

Guess where I was celebrating July 4th in 1976? In England!! I was still living there then, and I did rather miss the fun activities we always had in NY.

All the tall ships came down the Hudson River, one block from my apartment building, and Alice said it was such a fun celebration in Riverside Park! My Mum came in from near-by Long Island and Alice bought then all--dogs included--1976 tall ship tee-shirts, Statue of Liberty foam crowns and huge white, plastic Statue of Liberty sun glasses!

Everyone was given different colored neon flashing necklaces and the smell of delicious barbecues, Alice said, was driving them nuts!

As Ginger mentioned, sales of personal fireworks were banned, but there had been some bad accidents in the years earlier from unsafe products.

Oh, Trish--to think that there was an auction of Susan's belongings just two weeks earlier in California. I would have been mesmerized just to SEE them....and to OWN one would have been heavenly! What fun!
But at least you have the catalogue----what kind of things were being shown?

I must admit, though, that I would have had rather mixed feelings at watching her belongings being sold. It would have left a very sad feeling of poignancy in me to know this was her 'life' being split apart...... I do hope the buyers were people like you, who loved Susan so much and would have treasured what she owned.

Thanks for your story, Trish! Your daughters must have been so excited to be there in California!!

xx Lynn


Hi, Ginger,

Watching the celebrations in 2002 with your daughter, Kelly, must have been so exciting! July 4th had a very special meaning that year. (I have a bit of a hard time with being 'squished' in with large crowds......so, I watched the fireworks they had in Central Park! Beautiful!)

When my family moved out to Long Island, we were allowed to buy fireworks ou there, but my parents allowed only those safe little 'snake' things! However, at "Firemen's Field" each year, a huge local area, where the firewords were visible from so many towns and villages, we all used to drive over each year. And, as a child, I always got so excited about their 30 minute display! And then it was back home for a barbecue!!

Funny, Ginger, isn't it, how many memories come back to us at special times like those!!

Take care, Lynn