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Dianne Thomas and PerryVv Valentine Johnson

I'm sure you all have been through this many, many times before I joined up. But since I'd never head of Diane Thomas you can undertand why this brings back to me the earlier Susan Hayward internet group of decades ago. I have no idea how many members were invlved--I think up to about 40 but that may be an exageration. It was formed by Pery Johnson--living in Atlanta, I think, but we were from all over, corersponding with the group and with each other. It lasted seveal years and was really very worthwhile--good commentary on her movies, her life, etc. And got along extremely well. I think that, for some reason, a few of the group even met up with Perry--in Paris!--because I recall a photo ciculated with Perry and a few members from the bank of the Seine.

Then there began to appear a rift--not in the group but with Perry. First he wanted to also start a Linda Darnall group which suggested his getting bored with concentrting solely on Susan. Then it entirely disappeard, but there was a lot of talk about Perry having ben "subsidized" by an older man in his life style and some rift or interference with that relationship (and support). Even talk of Perry going to Australia. I recall finding a street address for Perry and even getting in touch with someone lviing there who wrote me that Perry had indeed lived there but no longer, and they had no forwarding address.

A few of us tried to keep it up, but it soon came down to three of us, then two of us--a wonderful gal named Sandra who wrote greting cards, lived in Ohio. But two swallows don't make a summer or a fan club. And that was the end of that.

Untill I found Ginger.

But I do ahave every one of Susan's flicks on DVD, even including her very early Our Leading Citizen, in which she has a meaningless lead but a fascinating political movie starring Bob Burns who took over from the deceased Will Rogers--pitting capitalism against communism and neither winning!

Re: Dianne Thomas and PerryVv Valentine Johnson

Bill, thanks so much for sharing your memories of one of the earlier Susan Hayward Internet groups. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to "resurrect" the archives of that group?! Sounds like you had a lively, cohesive gang of fans until that "rift" ruined things for the true Susan supporters.

Alas, this seems to be so typical of almost ANY group I've participated in over the years. I can count on one hand the groups that I'm still a part of. I guess that reflects the overall pitfall of Internet relationships. Friends are found and - "poof!" - LOST in cyberspace. The pen is INDEED mightier than the sword.

I regret (kick myself!) that I'm such a late-comer to the treasured legacy of Susan's films and her magic persona. On the other hand, I am one lucky aging baby boomer to have finally "found" Susan and to have so many of her films to look forward to.

Bill, I envy you your collection of Susan flicks - and I also thank you for mentioning a film I was unaware of: 'Our Leading Citizen.' Sounds like an interesting glimpse into that period - and Hollywood's take on political goings-on.

Like you, I feel I've found a true treasure in Ginger's Board and I am SO pleased to listen, learn, and contribute when I can. I hope you continue to join in!

Re: Dianne Thomas and PerryVv Valentine Johnson

Bill, I remember Perry's website very well. I found it when we first got our computer, which I think was early 1997. I was thrilled to find it. He did a good job. When I joined, I was very new. It seemed the others had known each other for a long time. One of my best friends, Elizabeth, who I recently visited while we were on a trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C. this past July and early August, was a member of that group. I also keep up with Silvy, who is from Italy, a doctor now. Silvy, Elizabeth, and another member, Jane, are all fb friends with me and we keep up that way, well, except for Jane. She and I did not know each other really, I basically knew her through Elizabeth and Silvy.
Silvy and Jane are fb friends with Tim Barker, so we have a chance to interact a little in that way.

Elizabeth, Silvy, and Jane (Silvy came all the way from Italy, and still loves Susan and collects her films. I have encouraged her to come over to the message board. I hope she will soon) met up together in Carrollton several years ago..maybe late 90's, and they met , if I'm not mistaken, a lady named Ann and her brother, I believe. From what I recall, I think Ann was mentioned in Linet's book as being close to Susan, but I might have that all wrong, but I'm thinking I'm close to being correct regarding that info. Maybe some of you remember. I would need to get out the book.(Elaine, I think this same Ann is relative to the dvd copy).

I don't know for sure what happened regarding Perry, but it seemed to be a finanical mess along with a personal relationship problem he was having with someone. I don't know all the details, and like I mentioned, I wasn't in the group for very long before it closed. I do remember being so excited to find his page on the internet. At that time, I was so excited about having a computer, which I took to like a fish to water, and my dream of a Susan Hayward website started becoming a reality after starting it first on a webtv site because it was more simple to do. Gradually, as I learned my way around the computer and website building more, I was able to give it a really slicker look on computer. It has been a labor of love and a blessing in my life. My biggest surprise was learning that so many others had the same sort of connection to Susan and her work which to me was pretty amazing. Like most of you, I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! ha

I have started a FB page on Susan which I think I have mentioned. It is slowly growing. It would grow faster if I paid for ads for it, but right now, I'm keeping it low key, and I think it will slowly build. There are several very nice and larger FB pages for her, and I'm so glad of that. Some of the pages have hundreds of members, I believe, and that's a good thing. They have been on FB for a lot longer than mine, and I'm not in competition. I just enjoying spreading the word and getting other people excited about her life and work and I'm glad others on fb do it also.

There is a young Susan Hayward admirer, named Desiree Michele, who I think has posted on this board before who I have found on fb. She has wonderful collection of classic films posters that she posts on fb, and she also is supportive of any attention Susan gets, and so I will encourage her to come over. I think it's wonderful when the younger ones "get it" regarding Susan.

Rifts naturally happen anytime you get one or more persons together with another one. Everyone is unique and exceptional in their own way, and I like the fact that we aren't drooling sheeple, but geuninely and intellectually interested in Susan's life with some love thrown in the mix. Overall, I think this group has stayed very solid and stable with maybe a few bumps along the way, and so I'm very happy about that.

As far as "Our Leading Citizen", I saw it once on television when I was a teenager. I bet it would be much more meaningful to me today, and I would probably "get it" much more.

Re: Dianne Thomas and PerryVv Valentine Johnson

GINGER--YES!!!! A distant memory but I DO rmember Silvy! As I recall, she was pretty active in the messaging department too, though we never corresponded individually as I did with Sandra. Sandra is Sandra Miller-Louden--you can find her webpage on the internet. I think I tried a few months ago to lure her back--even on her greeting card website she writes of her admiration for Susan, but I guess to no avail. You might try as our "chieftainess."


Re: Dianne Thomas and PerryVv Valentine Johnson

Hello everyone,

My name is Desiree and Ginger just mentioned me in the above comment ^ Yes, I used to post on this board. It was from 2007-2009, I believe. I am 24 years old and have loved Susan since high school. She is one of my favorite actresses. I agree with Ginger in that I am very glad that Susan has other larger pages on Facebook. It is good that she is getting recognition on Facebook. Facebook is a good place for sharing our knowledge and love for classic actors/actresses. I actually manage 2 of my own for two other classic actresses that I love... two that do not have pages that are kept up with regularly with a lot of "likers." Somehow, I felt it was my duty to create those pages and give the actresses' admirers a place to find photos and stories about them. Now my 2 Facebook pages have 80 and 110 likes Ginger, keep going with your Susan Hayward Facebook page! You have a passion for Susan and for getting her more recognition on Facebook, and I absolutely ADORE your Facebook page! I know it will slowly get more and more likes... I will share it every once in a while, too!

Re: Dianne Thomas and PerryVv Valentine Johnson

Desiree, thanks for your post! You are welcome here, anytime!

BTW, what are your two fb pages (what film stars?) Maybe I have already "liked" them, but not sure.

I love that you are only 24 and have such love and high regard for the classics.

Re: Dianne Thomas and PerryVv Valentine Johnson

Bill, I do not remember Sandra at all, but like I had mentioned, I was very new before Perry's website folded, and I actually met Elizabeth via a guestbook note at Susan's site, and then met Silvy through Elizabeth, so I didn't really begin seriously corresponding with anyone because of Perry's site.

I will try to find Sandra's webpage.. thanks

Re: Dianne Thomas and PerryVv Valentine Johnson

I will come here as often as possible! :) I'm sure there will be posts I'll be interested in. Yeah, when I started posting in here, I was 18 years old, I think... and well, I think I sounded just like a teenager. It was actually funny to read the posts, haha.

And my two FB pages are on Rosalind Russell and Myrna Loy. I am not sure if you have liked them because I don't know if you like them. They are called Rosalind Russell: Dazzling Star (named after my blog/website) and Myrna Loy: Queen of Hollywood, which has taken off like a rocket for some reason.

And yes... classics are just the BEST!