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Hold Back the Dawn

This is kind of funny/strange/a bit sad.

Half a century ago there was a movie I thought really wonderful. Hold Back the Dawn, and it started Olivia De Havilland and Charles Boyer. But Paulette Goddad had the second lead and it was an important lead. I always thought it would have been a wonderful role for Susan (these were the days when Susan and Paulette were competing) but I must admit, Paulette Goddard gave a really fabulous performance and to be very honest, I don't know that Susan would have been any better-maybe just different.

Ironcally, there was subsequently a radio adaptation of it--with Susan!!! Except, unfortunately, Susan played Olivia de Havilland's role--that of a mousey teacher, rather than a flamboyant and predatory dame, which Goddard had captured so well. Susan was o.k., but miscast--even for radio.