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Photo of Susan - 1940s

I loved this photo when I saw it... what do you think?

 photo SusanHayward_zpsda220395.jpg

Re: Photo of Susan - 1940s

Desiree - Yes, I love this photo too. I think it is probably from THE FOREST RANGERS.


Re: Photo of Susan - 1940s

Hello, Desiree! (...and Welcome Back!)

Lovely photo, capturing a very young-looking and vibrant Susan. Thanks for sending it!


Re: Photo of Susan - 1940s

Yes, it looks like it's from The Forest Rangers :)

And thank you, Lynn!

Re: Photo of Susan - 1940s

Desiree, I love, love, love it! I've never seen it before. Thanks..

I am going to put it at the top of the message board.

Re: Photo of Susan - 1940s

Wonderful! :)

Re: Photo of Susan - 1940s

I have seen this photo before (and it is from THE FOREST RANGERS)..but I am probably the 'only one' who never cared for this photo. There are so many other photos of Susan that I find beautiful and this one never appealed to me.

But..'to each his own'...we can't all love the same photos and 'things' about our dear Susan. Just...one person's opinion. Nothing more...lol...