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Re: "Meeting" Ms. Hayward

Hello and Welcome, Karen!

I am so sorry I missed your post---and missed welcoming you to the Board.

I thoroughly enjoyed your story and am delighted to read that Carrollton has all that history--and charm. I'd never heard of it--but we New Yorkers score low on geography! I do love reading maps, though---and somehow just never came across Carrollton! My loss!! As soon as I finish this letter, I shall go straight to my book shelves and find Carollton on my book of maps!!

I have been on this Board only since last autumn, and am still amazed that I found it! A place where all of Susan Haywood's many admirerers can come together and share all sorts of stories!

It is so strange to imagine you living in the same town---and having the opportunity to see Susan as 'just a good citizen'! I'm so glad she was happy there. Did you ever have the chance to meet her individually? It seems she was a very good neighbor.

And how exciting to meet Robert Kennedy! Years ago, I did some simple volunteer work during his brother's campaign! Bobby's great passion for mountains and climbing always fascinated me, as I collect mostly Himalayan and Alaskan expedition books, and I believe it was the well-known climbers, the Whitaker twins, who befriended him and took him up a mountain, they named after him!

Do you still live anywhere near Carrollton? We have one member on the Board (and no doubt more), who have made the trip to see where Susan and her husband were buried and to walk around the town.

I was so surprised to locate Ginger's (our Moderater) Board on Susan, as I never suspected that others who admired her from so many years ago would come together and honor her like this. Susan was surely underrated in the movie world, when she truly was one of the finest, most natural, most involved and most gifted in all the roles she played.

We hope you will stay in touch with us, and join in whenever you wish. There are some real 'Susan' appreciators on this Board, who have collected massive amounts of information on--and photos of--her, and I know they would be happy to answer your questions.

Also, there are many links connected with this Board, which Ginger and others can refer you to. (Ginger wrote a truly beautiful piano solo called "Susan's Song"--that, alone, is worth linking up with her other Board.) And there is SO much to read about this complex, fascinating actress. The more I have read about her, the more I have tended to contemplate this enigmatic actress, who has captured me with all her multi-facited acting talent, so evident in some of the most difficult roles she has ever played!

So nice to meet you, Karen. Please do 'stay aboard'!


PS Just for your information, one of Susan's twin's, Tim Barker, follows this Board sometimes, so if you see his name---that is who he is--Susan's son. He also has a most intriguing website called "Planet Trout", emphasizing both his beautiful family--and 'rabid' ( ) love of trout!

Re: "Meeting" Ms. Hayward

I do not live in Carrollton now, but hope to move back soon. My parents and family are there so I go back as often as possible to visit.

Re: "Meeting" Ms. Hayward


Lucky you!! I spent about half an hour yesterday looking through maps that showed Carrollton and vicinity. It looks so lovely and scenic, and I'll bet that Susan H. would be shocked to see how much larger it must be now than when she lived there! But I'm sure it's just as beautiful.

I suppose you all knew that her film "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" was filmed in that area. Do you know exactly where they shot it?
(I'm a tireless map reader!! It brings a place alive to me!)


Re: "Meeting" Ms. Hayward


You are so right about the changes in Carrollton! Atlanta is going to spread to the Alabama line I think.

As for filming I don't remember anything, but I was very young. Carrollton is rolling hills but no mountains. They may have used north Georgia as a location. We southerners considered those as mountains, then I moved to WV and saw REAL mountains.

In reading the posts about the twins, I remembered that one of them was friends with Gardner New who was the older brother of my sister's friend. I believe Gardner has passed away.

It's funny how memories come in snapshots.