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Mame Program Cover

Thanks to Errol....for sending the program to me....I will try to scan some of the inside of the cover later.

Re: Mame Program Cover

AAAHHH...YES!!! Thanks, Ginger, for finding the playbill for this show. You also should have (somewhere) the LARGER souvenir program, with some large pictures from the show and bios on the other players in the production, including LORETTA SWITT who played Agnes Gooch. I don't remember who the other actors were, but each had a full page bio and a picture of each actor. I have seen the photo of Susan, from that program, on here before, so it could be that the photo was put on from some other article, or I had it (from that time) along with it being in the souvenir program.

I'm sure you will find the large program sometime too, but glad you did find this one!.....

ALSO...the bio-photo is also in the same white off-shoulder fur that is in this picture. The large program has other pictures of Susan..one I remember, was in a dancing pose from the show from the song.."That's How Young I Feel".