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Ginger..I really love this new photo you have on the message board page. It is one that is seldom seen and I have always loved this shot of Susan..Thanks for putting it on here...


I love it too, and it was completely new to me when I first saw it a few weeks ago...BEAUTIFUL


I'd never seen that one before, either. So very glamorous--and dangerous!!!!!!!!

I recently re-watched ALL ABOUT EVE--as great as ever. But I really cannot see Susan as Margo. In some scenes yes--as in the "bumpy road tonight" But she was too youthful. Now, had she played Eve Harrington............


Bill...I agree with you..'all the way'...Too youthful and not right for Margo, but could have been a great Eve in the picture.

Of course, at the time, FOX was considering 'all' of it's 'bigger stars' and 'up-coming' stars who had the box office siZZing, so people like Susan..as Margo (for her dramatic appeal) and Jeanne Crain (as Eve,,for her 'young fresh look')

But...I cannot see their 'first' choices for this film! That was CLAUDETTE COLBERT as Margo and JEANNIE CRAIN as Eve. TALULLAH BANKHEAD was also one of the first choices for Margo, but she did not have the 'movie star' fans behind her, so they knew that would never work. MARLENE DIETRICH was considered, but when they saw the audition tapes, they couldn't understand 'half' of what she was saying, because she did (always) have her accent...so that wouldn't have worked, PLUS...Talullah...turned down the role, but was finally convinced to 'at least' take the test for it.

NEVER..could I see CLAUDETTE COLBERT in the role of Margo..and glad that JEANNIE CRAIN became pregnant. Otherwise, "ALL ABOUT EVE" may never have been the 'big picture' that it turned out to be.

I am still reading (from time to time)...the book...'ALL ABOUT, ALL ABOUT EVE" where all this info comes from. I have been reading this book for about one year now. I keep putting it down and don't get back to it for a long time and find some other book to become involved in. It is a 'good book' and for anyone who is a lover of this film...it is a 'great read' and shows 'who' was the worse to work with and caused the most problems along the way.

Let me just say...CLESTE HOLM...does not come across as the 'nicey-nice' that she appears to be on screen and made that clear, when she found out the book was to be written. Maybe SUSAN had her reasons, when CELESTE took over for her in 'MAME'...and SUSAN told CELESTE...(Referring to the cast of the show|>
"THESE are my kids and I love them all...and if I ever hear you giving them any trouble, I'll kick your backside back to Boise, Idaho, where you came from." NO...according to this book...LIL' MISS CELESTE..is not 'too nice'..



I tell you though--I'd give a cookie to see Tallulah's screen test for Margo! (though of cousre it was Anne Baxter--among others--who said that Tallulah was a great female inpersonator!)


Bill...I agree...Would have loved to see Tallullah's screen test and I'll bet it was darn good...since the Margo role..was said to have been based on 'her' in the first place.

I also read that 'this' was the reason she didn't want to do the film. It was too close to 'home' in the story line. In fact, she herself, brings this up in this book, when interviewed over the fact that it was based on her life. She said that YES...it was true...that DAVIS had copied her as close as possible, even to the way she wore her hair, the low-cut V in the gown she wore at the party..on and on..even trying to 'copy' her voice at times.

BUT...in the long run, she said she 'voted' for Bette to do the role and thought she did it 'so-so'.

NOW..this we both would have loved!! In October 1952...Tallullah DID do Margo Channing on the NBC THEATER GUILD RADIO SHOW in a one hour version of 'ALL ABOUT EVE". Boy...do I wish I could find a copy of that show.

It just may be in the radio show club that I belong to. I will look and let you know if it is there, because this club does have some shows from that program.....



Oh, some of those old radio and even early TV shows. I admit they can be disppointing i'm a great Mary Astor fan but her Sunset Boulevard was o.k. but only so-so. But Claire Trevor performed in a Dodsworth for which she won an award (as Fran not in the Mary Astor role) and I would dearly love to see that some day. And when they did a rado show of Hold Back the Dawn, I wish Susan had played the Paulette Goddard role (which she'd wanted in the first place) and instead she played the Olivia de Havilland part--o.k, but no more. (I think it wa a superb movie, and Goddard did give one of her finest performances, though).

Are there any "missing" Susan performances on radio or TVV?



Bill...I was listening to some old radio shows last night> It was the ESCAPE series with WILLIAM CONRAD and they always had ads on that show of upcoming radio plays for LUX RADIO THEATER, which was my favorite of the ones they used to have on...with one hour plays of 'new films'. (Isn't that where SUSAN did 'HOLD BACK THE DAWN">?

ANYWAY,..I was surprised when they announced LUX for that week. The radio 1 hr version on THE PRESIDENT'S LADY and it was starring CHARLTON HESTON and JOAN FONTAINE, instead of SUSAN. I'm sure it was not as good as Susan's performance.

I know that Susan did LUX version of MY FOOLISH HEART and I used to have that one on reel-to-reel tape. (they did it in the early 60's), but I don't have that any longer.

I have two that Susan did from the SUSPENSE series....(a half hour show each week) and they were both good. One is 'DAME FORTUNE' and the other is DEATH IS FOR THE LIVING..(the latter appears in two different titles and I can't remember what the other title was.)

I know with LUX THEATER they usually 'tried' to get both stars from the films to appear, but after CECIL B. DE MILLE was no longer the host, that sort of changed.

I do love the old radio shows...and it keeps me awake most of the night, if I put these things on. They had some wonderful shows that many people, later on, will never know what they missed out on. It made you use your imagination..and you didn't have all the 'blood and gore' that is now put out. Like reading books..it gave YOU your own 'visual' of what was going on and how people looked. I miss those days...and shows sometimes...