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Now...this may have been asked, in the past, at some point when I was doing shows and not on the message board...and maybe TIM is the only one who can really answer these questions...But....I have always wondered 'when/at what point of time'...did fishing start with Susan and the boys?

I know she liked fishing, as does Tim...but I remember that Tim and Greg were going on fishing trips, in southern Utah, when they were with her while filming THE CONQUERER.

Was dad...(Jess) also big in fishing and did it start at a real early age?

Does Greg also still fish and follow in Susan's love for it?

I love to look at the photos on Tim's fishing site. He has captured some beautiful scenery shots, in many places, where he and his family still fish and I enjoy seeing them.

Maybe when Tim checks in, next time, he could answer these questions. I know his love for fishing continued on and I know that Susan loved to fish, but I never remember it being put into any of the books I have read on her life and since it was a 'family and private' part of their lives, was not something that someone writing a book about her, would have included, but maybe should have.

Maybe someone else knows the answers to these questions,but I know Tim would be the one to really give us the answers...for sure!




My Mother really got into fishing when she moved to Florida and had two sport fishing boats. When we were growing up, it was my Dad who got us(Greg and I) started into fishing for Trout in small creeks on the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains, between Lone Pine and Bishop, CA. When we were in St. George, my Mom hired two college kids to take us fishing - she was not a Trout person but like fishing for marlin, sailfish and other salt water species in the Gulfstream and Bahamas. Greg does a lot of fresh water bass and salt water fishing in Alabama and Florida with his boys and grand kids.

He told me recently,that he will finally be learning how to fly fish with his wife.I was self taught and my early escapades with the fly are storied in my initial posts on my BLOG. All my kids were fly fishing by the time they were five years old...Miles is next...



Neat story about how everyone got into fishing!


Tim...Thanks for the response back on this. What really surprised me is that you actually started out with your Dad..and fishing, so it has been with both you and Greg all of your lives.

I love looking at your site and the beautiful places that you go to..for the fishing. The pictures you have put on are breathtaking and take me back to my childhood days of fishing. I would sometimes just be out by myself..no one else with me and fish in small creeks.

My half brothers were more into deer hunting, which is not my kind of thing, but my stepfather was probably the one who got us started on fishing. I would have loved to have gone on..and had some deep sea fishing, in my life, but I still love the mountain streams and the secluded forests around while fishing here in so. Utah. I go up to Duck Creek area, which is way above Cedar City and over the top of the mountain, where you would continue on toward Bryce Canyon. You may have been up in that area, when you were kids here in the area, while your Mom was doing THE CONQUERER. There is also Panguitch Lake..another great place for fishing, in this same area.

Thanks for telling us all...how it all started..in the family...