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For many years now, I thought I had lost this book, (which I had never got to read before moving)..and I thought it was lost. Then while looking for some photos of **** YANKEES that I did in Hollywood, I found this book..'RED' hidden inside some things in one of my trunks.

I have read..'A STAR IS A STAR, IS A STAR'...'THE DIVINE ************* my favorite 'SUSAN HAYWARD..PORTRAIT OF A SURVIVOR'..but now I find I have another great book to read on Susan.

I read the 'forward' in the book where it said that they tried to work with as many people, on this book, as they could..who knew anything about Susan. They have a lot of things with her sister Florence and brother Wally, but ex-husband, Jess Barker had chatted with them on the phone and (as they said in the book)
graciously, said he would rather not be a part of it.

It also mentioned that they had tried to contact both Tim and Greg, to be part of the book, but never got any replies back.

I'm sure most of you fans have read this book and I am way behind on this one, but I am enjoying it..(only 50 pages into it)...and it has told some things that I didn't know about Susan's life, which I think helped to make me understand her moods more...and that the drinking started way...way.early in her life.

Anyway,....I just wanted to share with you all, that being a HUGE FAN..I am now so happy to have another book on her to read. So glad it wasn't lost forever!!


I do have "Red", Errol, and have read it, but it has been a long time ago. Actually, I haven't refreshed myself regarding the books I have on Susan, and I should do that. I'm sure I'll find something "new" that I have missed.


Errol, I picked up the book again this morning (Red) and just read through the forward actually, but in reading it, I was quite taken by the stellar cast of names mentioned...individuals who had helped the authors regarding information for the book. Among them, Marsha Hunt, Robert Cummings, Ben Nye,Rory Calhoun, Cameron Mitchell,Joseph Mankiewicz,Helen Rose, Edie Adams,Jerry Herman, and on and on....

I don't know if you have the book cover with your book. I don't like it at all, but that's just my personal opinion. Of all the beautiful photos of Susan, I don't know why that one was chosen (although she is beautiful in the photo). It's a black and white photo, but her lips are brought out in red.. to highlight the title I guess. It's just looks odd to me.

Looking forward to reading through it again as I have time.


No doubt we all have particular favourites when it comes to the literary take on Susan Hayward. I find that - pictures wise- Eduardo Moreno's' The Films of Susan Hayward' carries some of the best photos and because it concentrates on an in-depth look at each movie role, it tends to dissect her movies more thoroughly than a straight out bio novel.

That said - the standard bios will carry more ' personal' and ' life story' material so also have their place.

Speaking of which- another came out last year titled ' Brooklyn's Scarlett- Susan Hayward: Fire in the Wind".


Thanks for the responses guys...Yes, Ginger...I do have the cover and did not care for the picture either. So many they could have chosen to put on the cover...why that one!

I was shocked to find that after she did the suicide attempt...and was off work for awhile... that the first scene they shot on I'LL CRY TOMORROW..when she came back to work...was that 'great and beautiful' first shot you see of Lillian as a grown up..when Susan does the number "Sing You Sinners"..and she was breathtaking! I had never known that.

Interesting to hear what director, Daniel Mann thought was going through Susan's troubled mind at the time of the filming. More like she was going to the 'depths' of her own personal struggles and blending them with those of Lillian Roth. I found this book sometimes...chilling...(if all true) and YES, Ginger...there are quotes from a lot of Hollywood people in her life along with that of Wally. As for believing things said by Florence...I took with a grain of salt!

Kerry...I do think the best book on Susan photos could not be better than the one you mention...but the other books tell more about parts of her life and challenges she faced. I still like Beverly Linet's book the best..and the worse..has to be "THE DIVINE *************** is more talk about her movie roles than it does on her life. Also think that is a very awful title for a book.

I would be interested to read this new one Kerry has mentioned. But..is that the one that others on this site had said to be real bad? I don't think it is...think this one you have mentioned is another book altogether..but not sure.

Daniel Mann also mentions that the words Susan said to her mother. over the phone...the night of the suicide attempt...was the same words in the script, when Lillian (Susan) tells her mother not to worry...that she will be taken care of. (again...to me a bit chilling..if that is true.)....


Kerry, I agree re: Eduardo's book. I think of it in terms of a beautiful reference book on Susan Hayward.

I haven't read Brooklyn's Scarlett...as Errol mentioned, I think this is the one that has been discussed here that people were disappointed in, but I too may be getting that mixed up with something else.


Errol, I didn't like the title "The Divine ........." either. Perhaps it was meant in a loving way or referring to her movie roles, but no, I wouldn't have ever used that title. Wasn't the title changed later to "A Star is a Star is a Star." ::: I may be getting that mixed up with another book. I have my Susan books high on a shelf, and must get them down, brush them off, and see what I have..sure hate to admit that! I do have "Red" by my side, however, since we are discussing it, and I am slowly reading it again.

If I had to pick one from all of the books, I would chose Beverly Linet's book.
It was so intense and just grabbed my by the heartstrings. I couldn't get it off of my mind for a very long time. It totally renewed my interest in Susan again after a lapse of being inactive regarding her.


Ginger...thanks for responding back on this book "RED"...(which I am finding very different from the other books on Susan).

No....A STAR, IS A STAR, IS A STAR is by Christopher P. Andersen and the 'DIVINE *****' was by Doug Mc Collough (may be wrong spelling on his last name) but that book he wrote, seemed to be more about 'her roles' in films, rather than about her life..and films, as the others have been.

Like you...I truly loved Beverly Linet's book and still think it the best book on Susan's life..and her films. It covered a lot and was beautifully written.

However..."RED"...is good (and I learned some things I didn't know from the other books...maybe more about her moods and how they were intertwined, in the films,..with her real-life problems.

I don't want to say too much..because you are reading the book too..and don't want to talk about too much until we have both read the same parts. I am up to Eaton's death right now...and I will say this...that you can tell where they got most of their information from...(Wally, Florence and the friends from Georgia..and when you get to where she marries Eaton...for the next few chapters, you can call it a book...ON EATON!

I also don't like the way they tear Jess down...making him look so bad and build Eaton up to be a 'Prince' among men! To me...it was always the opposite! I was always 'leery' of Eaton and truly liked Jess. But..that is just 'me' as on a personal level. That's why I wish Jess would have talked with them and there could have been 'his side' to the whole thing..which he was (to me) a bigger part of Susan's life than Eaton. Jess was Tim and Greg's father..and I truly believe that Jess loved Susan..until the day she died. But the 'love' never seemed to be..given..in return.

That may sound bad...that I should not fully support Susan, but it took 'two to fight' and 'two to love'...(I'll leave it at that!)

Ginger...you know me by now...I speak my peace..and then wonder how people will respond to what I feel and have to say..but I see nothing wrong in pointing out that 'no one is perfect' and 'neither am I'..when I open..MY FOOLISH MOUTH....



One word description of "RED"...




Tim....all I have to say on your remark on "RED"...(ONE BIG...HA!!)
To both YOU and Ginger...I have now completed this (book..??)..and have just sent an email to Trish, who had also read the book and told me to 'take it with a grain of salt'..well, that's what you have to do with this book!

Since it was written by doing interviews with 'many people', you have to 'look' at who those people were, that made up this book. It is sis Florence, brother Wally (but not very much from Wally is quoted and then I doubt those incidences that are in there)...and the rest is mostly the townspeople from Carrollton, Ga. and 'very few' people who were close to Susan, herself.

I'm glad YOU, Greg and your dad...declined to be a part of this book. But through other sources, they have included YOU in parts of the 'thing' but if anyone reads the Acknowledgments, before reading the book, they will see that neither YOU, Greg or Jess..had any part in it being written.

Here's one part that irritates me to no end..(and I have just written to Trish about this too)..is that for quite a big part of the middle of the book, Eaton Chalkley is looked upon as almost being 'saintly' and there are 'chapters' all about EATON and the church and how by marrying Susan, it had hurt him so deeply and made him loose his closets Catholic friends, who were so big in the church. It made me think the book should have been "The Life and Times Of Eaton Chalkley and wife Susan Hayward".

The book wants you to think..that life with Eaton, in the Georgia town was the only 'happy time in Susan's life and says that Eaton only became a heavy drinker...after his marriage to Susan, which I would never believe.

It also does a dis-service to Jess in so many ways and downgrades him throughout the book. Well, to me (and this has nothing to do with You Boys) but I frankly, never cared for Eaton and Susan..but always loved Jess and Susan, when reading about them. There was always something about Eaton that seemed 'a bit shady' to me..(and that is only coming from a fan who looked at both marriages and their problems) but I 'never' thought Jess Barker 'ever' got a 'fair deal' out of any of the things 'we people' read about Susan and her life. I also think that Jess loved Susan until her dying day and went through a lot of 'bad publicity' thrown his way..and 'never' did I read or hear one bad thing that he said about his marriage.

The book is full of things that made me wide-eyed as I read, because they were so obviously wrong..to anyone who knew anything..or saw..anything on Susan. ONe big flub..is when they go into detail about Susan's last time on the Oscars..saying that Bob Hope was the emcee and it was Jerry Lewis.and..
that David Niven and Susan were the presenters of the Best Actress award..then have the gal to show a picture, in the book, of Susan and her male presenter Charlton Heston, standing together.

I did get one thing out of the book. The night I saw Susan backstage at the Joey Bishop tv show and said that a 'couple' came to pick her up and that I didn't know 'who' the couple were, I now know it was Marty and Helen Rackin.
Now..Marty was nice, that night, but not Helen! When we asked Susan for the autograph, Susan was fine about it (and so was Marty as they waited for her to sign it, against the wall)..But not HELEN! She gave us such a disgusted look and uttered something...She was very annoyed! I remember that look and her face, to this day..and she looked and reminded me of the woman who played James Dean's grandmother in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. In fact, I wondered if they were 'the same person'..but she backed off when I (also having a temper, which I will admit)..turned toward her, as Susan was signing the autograph..and gave HELEN a 'cold stare' to equal the one she had just given ME. I knew I disliked that woman...period! Susan was kind in doing it for us..and never showed a bit of distaste, but not HELEN!

To sum it all up..(on this book)...it is not a 'nice book' about Susan Hayward. In fact, it is quite cruel in the places where they are actually making her look as bad as they possibly could have.

Now..Trish tells me the one guy has another book out on her and that it is using a lot from this book and other added 'fluff' to make money on a second book about her. I don't recall the name, but will look it up and tell you later.

And Ginger...that book that Doug Mc Clelland that was originally called "THE DIVINE *****"...He did change the title and put it back out as "THE COMPLETE LIFE STORY OF SUSAN HAYWARD...IMMORTAL SCREEN STAR". I found my paperback copy of 'both' books (which are actually the 'same book').

Tim...just wanted you to know that you were totally correct in calling "RED" just...'trash'. because that's exactly what it turned out to be!

I do hope that people will read the BEVERLY LINET book.."SUSAN HAYWARD..PORTRAIT OF A SURVIVOR"..a much better book about your mom...



I have been away and have only now read one of your letters on this site.

I feel I must correct what you stated I said about Susan's latest book, BROOKLYN's SCARLETT. You misquoted me from a private letter I had sent to you saying "and other added fluff to make money on a second book about her!"
I don't know why you think I said that as I certainly didn't!!

I quote below what I actually said for the benefit of all readers~

"BROOKLYN'S SCARLETT repeats a lot of what was said in "RED" but is amazing in that it gives a complete Cleo interview and we all know how Cleo loved her. Curlee too - a pity nobody was ever able to interview her."

I went on to talk about the cover of RED saying - "mine must be a different edition as it shows Susan in one of the dresses she wore in TULSA and is a beautiful picture." It may be a different photo as it was printed in Great Britain.


Trish, the book, "Red", that I have does not have a cover photo of Susan from Tulsa. I will try to scan and send the cover to you , or post it here.

I haven't read 'Brooklyn's Scarlett', but would like to get it at some point.



I think I know the photo you mean on the cover of RED as I have seen it advertised. I don't know why the British edition had a different photo but it is a beauty - Susan is wearing the dark green dress she wore in TULSA. I will scan and send it to you so maybe you can print it here on the site.

I am sure you will love BROOKLYN's SCARLET although as previously mentioned, some of the information is the same as in RED, probably to get people up to date on Susan who maybe hadn't read any of her other books.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of publisher's mistakes but these don't worry me as I just like to read anything about our favourite lady and also enjoyed seeing some new "to me" photos of her.

The author, Gene Arceri spent many years travelling across the USA interviewing anyone who was willing to talk about Susan and it took almost ten years before the book RED was published. He is a major fan and just adores her as we all do. Robert LaGuardia knew nothing about Susan when he agreed to co-write RED with Mr. Arceri!



Trish, okay, and thank you for the additional info. I would love to see the photo from Tulsa when you have time.

I only get annoyed with typos when I see them done by myself. It doesn't stress me when others make them.


TRISH...sorry if I 'misquoted' you...and maybe it was someone else who had read that book, who told me that. Again..I am sorry for saying 'you' said that.
But...whoever said that to me..also said that it was by the same guy who had written 'RED' and that a lot of the things in the new book was taken from 'RED'
I do have other Susan fans, who are not on this website..so it was my mistake in saying that YOu told me that...and I am truly...sorry. Hope this can now be laid to rest.


I guess I do have a couple more comments to make on the post I just put on here. If it is...as Trish said..that it took the author almost 10 years to write the book 'RED'...then I think I will have to agree with what TIM wrote early on...about this book...when he said 'in one word'..."TRASH".
I agree with Tim and think it was the worse book ever written on his mother.


That's o.k. Errol.

Ginger, I scanned the book cover as I mentioned and sent it by e.mail to you.
Hope you can put it up on the site and see the difference from the American version of RED.



Hi Trish et al:

I am very confused about the two books "Red" and "Brooklyn's Scarlett." Have not read either one and when I went on Amazon I couldn't figure out which book to read. "Red" seems to have only one author -- Gene Arceri -- while the other has Arceri and LaGuardia. Also, "Red" got only one customer review while the other got many more reviews and seems to be the one that relied on the key interviews (which have been discussed by many on this board).

Looking at the cheesy cover of "Red" I am inclined to believe that this book is not worthy of my time and of course Tim called it "trash." I would venture to say that Tim of all people can be trusted to not lead us astray. That said, is "Brooklyn's Scarlett" worth the effort?

I already have Beverly Linet's book as well as "A Star is a Star" and Moreno's coffee table book. I am always eager to read something with more insights into Susan's life and career, but I don't want to waste my time on inaccurate and poorly written stuff.

Looking forward to a clarification about these two books.



Jill....it is "RED" that has the two authors listed and "BROOKLYN'S SCARLETT" only one author...(I think)...I know that "RED" has both men listed as the authors.


Okay, Trish, thanks.. I just saw this, so will check my email tomorrow and try to get it on here.