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New Font

Am I the only one finding it difficult to read the new font? The font used is actually one more appropriate for invitations where there is not a lot of running copy.

Just my opinion, of course.


Re: New Font

Hi, Jill, Ginger, et.al,

Haven't been around for awhile due to "Devil Dentistry"--4 hours of--ugh--full-anesthesia dental surgery for 11 extractions, gum work, etc--followed by an infection that, with bulls-eye target precision, struck the 3 main nerves on the left side of my jaw and face........sending me on a 7-day. one-way ticketed visit back to the "Spanish Inquisition"--the sort of 'vacation', where your only true fear is that you WON'T die!!!

But--feeling sliqhtly more human for the first time this past week, I thought I would just add my name to those who find the new font more difficult to read. At first, I put it down to my eyes, but my reading vision is A-okay, according to a recent eye exam, so I am wondering if the small print and thicker lines--I have no graphic knowledge or the technical terms--is, perhaps, along with the color contrast, making it more difficult for me to read longer posts.

However--at this point, only a couple of us have noticed the difference. So, perhaps, I just need to purchase some rose-colored glasses!!!)

Anyway, just wanted to give you some imput.


Re: New Font

Lynn, it sounds like you have been through a terrible ordeal. I'm sorry that
you have had such a difficult time. I'm really glad to see you back.

This is the best I can do re: font and colors right now, so I hope it works better for you.

Re: New Font

Hi, Ginger,

Thanks for responding so quickly! YES! This is much better for my eyes. The message pops out--and, without those thick lines, makes it the most 'important' part of the post!

I suppose in an ideal world of colors, the 'white' would have more of a softer 'vanilla' tinge against the black. But this new font is much more readable for my eyes. Jill, does it help yours', as well? We all see color so differently.

So, thanks Ginger and, yes, I won't forget the last few weeks in a hurry, and, for the present time, you can just call me "toothless Joe from Hannibal, Mo"! (Remember "**** Yankees"?) Actually, my 4 main 'upper choppers', which my dental surgeon made for me about 5 years ago, are still present and I love them----but it's the bottom, with its two 'fangs' surrounding swollen red gums, where my 4 front lower teeth should be, that gives me the 'Great Pumpkin' look!

My Thanksgiving will be spent with Alice as the one person allowed to sit with me and watch, as I dig into my pumpkin pie with my index finger! (But I told her that she is not allowed--under any circumstances--to recite "So she stuck in her thumb--and pulled out a plum.....and said 'What a good girl am I!')


The televised Macy's Day Parade, which begins along Central Park West, is only a few blocks from where I live. But just one visit over the years convinced me that I could enjoy it a lot more on my television! I just hope that the forecast winds (and today's driving rain)do not keep the big balloons from being allowed to fly!! (Hundreds of employees of Macy's and lots of volunteers will start inflating them this evening, two blocks from here.)

Thanks again, Ginger, for changing the font (and to Jill for initiating what was on my mind, but I was too busy banging my head against the wall, hoping that this would drive out the jaw pain!) One of my heartfelt 'Thanksgiving' blessings is for this lovely relief I am finally starting to feel!

Gobble, gobble to all!