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I still think of Audrey Totter as she looked when I was in my teens! It was a bit of a jolt to learn that she had died--and was 95--but, of course, that should not shock me! It's just that we tend to think of our favorites from many years ago, as still looking the way we saw them then.

Ginger, I never knew you had a homepage for her.

I had heard of the other deaths this week, and what I found particularly sad was that the news reported that Joan Fontaine and her sister, Olivia de Havilland, had had a 'feud' since 1975, which had never ended. It was mentioned that their fight was over their mother......but that was all that was said. It brought back memories of Susan never forgiving Florence or understanding that her sister had mental difficulties. But that was not a time when people understood much about psychological illnesses.

Anyway, I was very sorry to hear of all these deaths.