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Photo From Trish

This is a photo that Trish has sent. It is the photo on the cover of the book that she has, and she thought we would be interested in seeing the difference. Thank you for sending, Trish.

Re: Photo From Trish

This is the same 'front cover' I have on the this book.

Re: Photo From Trish

Then I should scan the cover I have on my book. I had thought you and me had the same covers, Errol.

Re: Photo From Trish

This is interesting--I have yet ANOTHER cover on my copy of "Red", which I recently sent for from a "Used and New" book company.

My cover uses black and red, also, but much more 'discreetly', I guess you'd say. And I do not know where the photo of Susan is from--nor does the book say. (It's a hardcover, basically white with two thin red lines going vertically up and down the sides as 'outlines'. It has the large word "RED" at the top, with a slim red 'shadow line' right up against the first part of the "R", "E" and "D". And under the photo, at the bottom, in all caps, reads: first line: THE TEMPESTUOUS LIFE OF SUSAN HAYWARD, and the line below: ROBERT LAGUARDIA & GENE ARCERI. In very skinny lettering berween the words 'LAGUARDIA' AND '& GENE..' reads the words 'AUTHOR OF MONTY'.)

The photo: Black and White. Set against what look like a shimmery paper (giving the effect of a body of water)is Susan, from top of head to top of shoulders. Her lips are painted bright red, with her hair almost shoulder length and not covering her face. She appears (in my opinion) to be in the age range of 35 to early 40's (hard to tell with so much make-up used in those days!). Her shoulders are bare (you can not see her dress), and her jewelry is a pretty gold or silver chocker style and dangling earings.)

My printer/scanner is broken, and I'm such a 'TechNObrain', that I'm sorry I can't get the picture to you. Do you know of this cover, anyone?

It's better than some I've seen!

Inside the back flap, on the bottom, reads "Jacket Design by Jackie Merri Meyer". But no photographer is listed, and I could not find any indication of when or where the photo was taken. With that 'shimmery' background, it could be a publicity shot, I guess. It's quite a 'glamor' shot.

So--Trish!? Have you looked into your crystal ball, yet??