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A&E Biography in Full/YouTube/Susan Hayward

The full A&E bio of Susan Hayward is now on youtube. I have had most of the bio but not all on youtube for several years, but I had trouble completing it, and some of the sections aren't up to par. I am just not great at posting videos on youtube..very hit and miss. I am so happy the full bio is now available. You should be able to click the website icon below or copypaste the below url, or type in youtube search, Susan Hayward, documentary."


Re: A&E Biography in Full/YouTube/Susan Hayward

Ginger...this must have been quite a task...to get all of this put on. I will have to check it out, now that it's there. I still have it on vhs..but not sure if I have the 'full version' or not. THANKS..for all the hard work you keep doing to keep us all so 'happy' here on Susan site...

Re: A&E Biography in Full/YouTube/Susan Hayward

Errol, the one I put on youtube is in sections and I wasn't able to complete it, but someone with the id of stellastarlight put up the full bio in one video on December 16th, and it was done well. Just clink the link I gave in the original post, or search 'Susan Hayward documentary' at youtube.

Re: A&E Biography in Full/YouTube/Susan Hayward

Hi, Ginger,

Thanks a million--this was the first time I have ever been able to actually HEAR what was being said! Before this, A&E's bio of Susan sounded as if everyone was whispering to me! It was so frustrating, but this time I heard it loud and clear!!

Of course, it would have been extra nice if A&E had been able to 'flesh out' Susan's life a bit more---but I'm so happy to have finally been able to watch and listen to the entire program!!

Does anyone know how long ago this bio was made?

Thanks,again, Ginger!


Re: A&E Biography in Full/YouTube/Susan Hayward

Sadly, youtube removed the A&E bio of Susan Hayward, along with many other wonderful bios that id "stella starlight" had posted...too many complaints from companies re: copyright.. it's a shame...My half finished one in sections is still on there...maybe I haven't had any trouble (yet) since it's not completed.. who knows how they think?