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Re: Roles and Non-Roles

Hi, Bill,

I read that Susan very much wanted the lead in "South Pacific"---but she refused to 'audition' for it. I guess she felt her acting skills were known. Anyway, Mitzi Gaynor got the role....and she was quite a bit younger than Susan, I think.

I also think she had a chance for "The Three Faces of Eve" and turned that down.

I know there were others---but my memory lets me down yet again!

best, Lynn

Re: Roles and Non-Roles

Also...Susan wanted to do the Ruth Etting role in LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME, but that went to DORIS DAY.

She turned down...CLEOPATRA, THE SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH. Of course she was right, in not doing CLEOPATRA and suggested they use ELIZABETH TAYLOR. However, I would have liked to have seen her do SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH (which was done by GERALDINE PAGE, but the word was..that Susan did not want to play an 'aging actress'...just as she did not want to play a 'seducer' in THE GRADUATE.

SUSAN was on the 'top of the list' to play Margo Channing (the BETTE DAVIS role) in ALL ABOUT EVE...because she was 'hot property' at 20th at the time and her career was rising, but I think she would have been better as Eve, if she was to be considered for that film, at all.

One role that got her suspended, at 20th...was refusing to do the 'awful' HILDA CRANE, which finally went to JEAN SIMMONS and GUY MADISON. That script is so awful...I don't blame her for refusing to do that film.

It also surprised me that JANE RUSSELL was so upset for not getting the Lillian Roth role in I'LL CRY TOMORROW. She and ROBERT MITCHUM did an interview for TCM..and she was asked if there was one film she wanted so very much...that she didn't get and this is what she said. Her heart was set on doing this role and she thought it was a 'go' for her (although there were others in the running like JUNE ALLYSON who also thought she had that role sewed up. But Susan won out..and thank goodness she did! I can't see any other actress doing that role as well as Susan did....

Re: Roles and Non-Roles

Errol, in re: to "I'll Cry Tomorrow.".. I agree!