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Susan and Lena Horne/Handle It

Well, this is kind of interesintg. Susan's photo is on a 'Cover' to sell Lena Horne's recordings in mp3 and m4A format to be purchased online and downloaded. I don't think this is sold as an album or cd but I might be mistaken. I was listening to some of Lena's recordings on Spotify tonight, and Susan's photo popped up..somewhat surprised..

an aside - I think Susan's and Lena's birthday are the same date...June 30th, but I'm not sure if they were born in the same year. I'll check on that...copypaste the website link here or click the website icon below.


Re: Susan and Lena Horne/Handle It/their birthdays

I think this is somewhat amazing, and I believe we had discussed this in the past, but Lena and Susan were born on the very same day and year in Brooklyn, NY. Lena was born in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn on June 30th, 1917.

Re: Susan and Lena Horne/Handle It/their birthdays

Interesting Ginger...when I worked with Dionne Warwick, her foundation, that benefited The City Of Hope,honored Ms.Horne at a big event in Beverly Hills at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel back in 1984. The MC for the event was Ed McMahon and our live entertainment... was FRANK. Over 2500 people attended...Ms. Horne was just stunning...


Re: Susan and Lena Horne/Handle It/their birthdays

Tim, thanks for sharing. It must have been exciting to be there, and such a well deserved honor for Lena Horne!

Re: Susan and Lena Horne/Handle It/their birthdays

Funnily enough, another connection. I was looking at some Lena Horne material on You Tube about two months back and stumbled over Lena singing
" I'll Plant my own Tree " .

It was a weird stage set- all dead, creepy trees around her - but she did a superb vocal as always. It was not until halfway through the song that I twigged and remembered Susan and 'Valley of the Dolls'.

Such mixed memories about that scene. I did not really ever like that song greatly I have to admit.
There was Helen Lawson opening in New Haven and Babs Parkins and Paul Burke in the front row and up on stage was Susan in that dazzling white sequinned dress, dodging that huge multi-coloured mobile swirling around her ( well it was the 60's)and even though miming, completely owned the stage.

Re: Susan and Lena Horne/Handle It/their birthdays

I never realized Lena sang that song also, Kerry. That wasn't exactly my favorite scene in the film. The set was pretty hokey, but Susan did her best to make it all work.