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I have an awful problem. I've had it almost a week now. And it is this. I had a birthday (thanks). Two friends gave me an absolutely delicious (and fortunately long-lasting) (and large) birthday cake--BUT, the image on the cake is taken from one of the best and most sympathetic photos of Susan. So far, I've eaten pieces (small--it's an amazingly rich cake too), but I've gotten it as far as I can without "cutting" into Susan herself. I guess it was a tribute--if not to Susan than to my all-too-well-known admiration for her.

But woe! Woe! Woe!


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Wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday Bill.

What a wonderful present to give you! I would be in a quandary too but would definitely have to find some way to preserve this picture. Maybe someone has a suggestion.


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Hope you had a nice birthday, Bill.

What did you do with the cake?

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Happy Belated Birthday, Bill!

Hmmm.......let's see. I take it you have already tried to cut Susan out from just under the illustration--and store that part in your freezer?

We did that once---I think it was done with Alice's and my "Sweet 16" birthday cake. And the words and flowers lasted until......well.....we might possibly have still been 'sweet'---but we were most definitely long past the point when we might have been '16"!!

What a delicious dilemma you're in!!

Hoping you had a wonderful birthday.....and wishing you an equally wonderful year!!


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Thanks, all--

Yes, it was a very good birthday--and lasted very long,actually. And the cake even longer. In fact, a small portion is still in the fridge.

What did I do, finally? Well, after cutting around the actual image of Susan, I asked my wife to cut further and I ate but did not look. It was--still is--a great cake, sort-of ice-boxy, and therefore long-lasting.

I did think of cutting from under and preserving the image but then, what the heck would I do with that? Susan-as-iceing wouldn't last forever and you should agree that keeping that in the freezer would be a bit ghouish!


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Yikes, Bill!

You did it! You sat there--with Susan in your hand--and you gobbled her up! And, although I totally understand your philosopy--I have to tell you that when you bit down, I distintly heard her whisper "Bill--that was the most unkindest cut of all"! (Know thy Shakespeare!!)

Your thinking is so right......but I shamefacedly admit that if you had opened my freezer some years back.....you would have found sodden remnants of good times past! Maybe that's the difference between women and men....some of us are so ridiculously sentimental that you may even find 'old flames' still in our freezers.

But, I bow to your common sense. The truth is that, I, too, am not certain I would have wanted to see, every time I opened it, the ghoulish sight of my favorite actress sitting in a frozen clump in the back of my freezer!

Your tribute to our talented lady is noted! Well done.

Admiringly, Lynn!

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Thank you so very much for your understanding. Perhaps I could find further excuse for my actions in my age, for I am surely the oldest member of this group. I first became enamoured of Susan at a very early age when I went to what was then very common--a double bill, and the marquee itself was quite amusing if you consider it: "Adam Had Four Sons and That Hamilton Woman."

Adam, of course, did not "have" that Hamilton woman, but he had a daughter-in-law with whom thsi kid then fell in love then and there, and the "romance" will continue to my dying day. Susan is with me every day, for she is my scren saver--centrally positioned in a brilliant red dress with her red-glvoed arms raised high, seemingly supporting the wealth of internet icons.


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Bill -

Well, I had my laugh of the day (maybe week!)envisioning that marquee unashamedly screaming out "Adam Had Four Sons" and "That Hamilton Woman"! That's just greedy!

What an innocent time that the theater owner probably did not get a chuckle over that!!

You were very lucky to have had movie theaters that played two GOOD films.....I can remember some 'double-headers'--but the second one was always a "B" flick (sometimes the funniest of all). ("Plan Nine from Outer Space"??) And I can recall, at age 13, "Rock-Around-The-Clock" with "Francis, the Talking Mule"!!

If you are, indeed, the oldest member, then I truly envy you, because your acquaintance with Susan has been so much longer than mine--who 'met her' only two years ago through this Board. I'd seen her in just one movie, but admired her talent so much, that I located this Board on the 'the Net'. And while I was delighted to discover so many others felt like I did......I also felt cheated by all the years I could have had the enjoyment of knowing her on the screen. I was definitely born at the wrong time......a child in the 50's.

What an amazing screen saver you have! You must find yourself at your computer all day---even if you haven't turned it on!