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Re: Happy Birthday, Tim and Greg! February 19

Happy Birthday to the Twin Birthday Boys from the Twin Birthday Girls!

We hope for the both of you that your special day--and your year ahead--are filled with the best memories ever!

(The funniest birthday card that Alice ever drew for me was finding this 1949 photo of us, waving at our Dad, sitting on ponies in the Bronx and dressed in the same dresses, jackets and French berets (sitting messily askew, half off/half-on our heads)..............and then secretly drawing the exact same image of us on a blank card, with Alice and I 'as adults' wearing the exact same outfits--except that in this UPDATE--we were so 'grown' that our feet hung along the ground!!)

Alice drew this for our 40th birthday--and to this day--the card is in easy-grabbing distance to laugh at all over again!

You 'boys' are creative! All you have to do to surprise Greg is to find a great 'toddler' photo of you both fishing or digging for worms--or 'shooting it out' in cowboy suits'.......and 'bring it up-to-date' by drawing the same images but with your current height and faces--and in the same outfits you wore then!

Your family would sure have a good laugh!

Our very best wishes to you both on your special day!

Lynn and Alice

Re: Happy Birthday, Tim and Greg! February 19

And a birthday wish to you both from down under as well.

Hope it is ( was) a great day.