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Most Recent Title Photo

I love this photo of Susan which is now posted above. I had never seen it before until recently. Right now I have it as her cover photo on the Susan Hayward Classic Film Star
Facebook page.

Re: Most Recent Title Photo

Hi Ginger,

I do have this one and just LOVE this picture. So lovely to see it displayed on the Board. I did try and join your Facebook site for Susan but don't know if it worked as every time I go in there, my computer freezes and I have to abort so I never get to see it all! I can't understand why this happens and it is so frustrating. It was around the time you had 72 members.

I really liked your Youtube video - the music you composed was just beautiful. Thank you so much for all your efforts to keep Susan's memory alive.


Re: Most Recent Title Photo

What an absolutely beautiful and expressive photo of Susan. This is the first time I have seen it--and it has already jumped up to one of my favorites!!

So often, you can imagine publicity photographers yelling "Let's have a sultry look, or an 'all-knowing' look, or 'a look of pure innocence', etc, etc. But, even if this photo WAS carefully posed, there is so much natural feeling in it. Susan's eyes, alone, are mesmering.

Ginger or Trish--where would I best be able to find a place to buy a copy of it. I shall go through my small collection, first, just to make certain I haven't missed it by any chance. Thank you so much for putting it up!

This wasn't from 'Smash-Up', was it? I've love to know when it was taken. It is just lovely.

Thank you! Lynn

Re: Most Recent Title Photo

Hi Trish,

Thank you! I'm happy you liked the video.

You are listed as a member on Susan Hayward Classic Film Star (facebook), and that's all good, but I'm sorry you are having trouble viewing the site. I really don't know what the problem would be.. probably could be one of a multitude of reasons. I really hate that.

Re: Most Recent Title Photo

Lynn, I got this off of pinterest.com by someone who had posted it. Maybe I can find out something from them. I was trying to place her costume with a film, but I have no idea offhand. Thank you.

Re: Most Recent Title Photo

Hi Lynn,

I don't believe this is from SMASH-UP - probably a studio picture from the early forties - I have a few of Susan in that dress. I agree, it is a beaut!

Ginger - thank you for your reply - at least I know now I am on the list for Susan's Facebook but it is so annoying not to be able to stay on the site and get the most from it.


Re: Most Recent Title Photo

Trish, aargh.. it's annoying to me also that you can't get into the fb page very well.

I found another pose with the dress in the photo above. I will post it here soon. I like the one on the message board in comparison however.