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Susan Hayward/Mural/Carrollton, Georgia

Kerry found this treasure.. thanks so much to Kerry, and for Errol helping to pass it on to me to share with everyone! This is painted on the side of the Cultural Arts Center in Carrollton, Georgia. It is dated 2010. I looked on the facebook page of the Cultural Arts Center, and as I looked back toward 2010 on the timeline, I found the beginning workings of the artist for the mural.This is the completed project. It is on the outside wall of the CAC. The facebook page indcates that there are photos of Susan in the gallery and also it looks as though they show her films from time to time. This is very special, and so glad that Kerry found this!...a million thanks to Kerry and Errol!

Re: Susan Hayward/Mural/Carrollton, Georgia

Ginger...so glad you got it okay..and that Kerry sent it to me, to send it on to you. A long way going about it..but Kerry nor I are very good at 'moving' these things around from place to place, so figured the best way to do it, so all the fans could enjoy it, was to send it on to you and 'knew' you would know how to get it properly put on here.

It is a beautiful wall and I'm surprised that no one else, on the site, had known about it. It was a complete 'surprise' when Kerry sent it to me. Just so glad that it reached your capable hands!!! ....

Re: Susan Hayward/Mural/Carrollton, Georgia

Thanks, Errol! I enjoyed the comments from some of the Carrollton people. I'll copypaste and get them over here since I know some have trouble getting to the facebook page.

Re: Susan Hayward/Mural/Carrollton, Georgia/facebook comments

Penny Gardin Lewis-- This mural was painted by the artist Alan Kuykendall. The Carrollton Cultural Arts Center will soon be under construction as a 4 story hotel is being built that will attach to the building. So, we don't know if the mural will be able to stay. But Carrollton citizens have sure enjoyed it

Nelah Smith Gabler-- When I was a little girl she came to a horse show that my grandparents took us to around Tallapoosa. They were proud of their local movie star!

Linda Hines Southard-- My older brother went to Georgia Military Academy (GMA) with her sons. They would come home with him from time to time and practice their swim team strokes in our pool! They were SO adorably cute and yes, I had major crushes! Miss Susan sat right behind me with her knees in my back for their entire graduation ceremonies! She was MUCH more striking in person than she ever was in the movies! Red hair and lots of freckles, which I had never seen in the movies before!

Re: Susan Hayward/Mural/Carrollton, Georgia/facebook comments

Success- many thanks Errol for onforwarding, and to Ginger for your customary tech expertise with getting these items up on the site.

Sheer luck that I stumbled over it actually. I was browsing a quite different topic that concerned murals, and Lo... ( even a blind hen picks up a grain of corn sometimes- lol).

I wonder if Tim ( and Greg) have seen the delightful comments you posted here from one 'Linda Hines Southard'. May bring back some memories.

Re: Susan Hayward/Mural/Carrollton, Georgia/facebook comments

Thanks again so very much, Kerry! I'm not sure about Greg, but probably Tim has seen the nice comments from the Carrollton people. So happy that you had such good luck and that we can enjoy it too! P.S. I'm sure that Susan's oldest grandson's wife, Jennifer, has seen it. She visits the fb page quite often, and Nadia too, Tim's daughter.