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Untamed/full movie on youtube

A very nice upload of Untamed on youtube..


Re: Untamed/full movie on youtube

Anyone who hasn't seen Susan in UNTAMED has a major treat in store for them.
This one has always been in my Top 5 of Susan's films and I loved her paired with Tyrone Power. When she first appears in that green satin dress, she literally took my breath away. Pure charisma, just gorgeous. Thanks for the information Ginger.
I have a friend who is catching up on her films. I have always been extolling the virtues of Susan and Maggie decided to watch her. She chose WHERE LOVE HAS GONE and told me she has fallen in love with her voice. I am waiting to hear what she thought of UNTAMED as that was the next one on her agenda! It is so heartwarming to know that so many of Susan's films are now available on Youtube for anyone to see.


Re: Untamed/full movie on youtube

Trish, Susan had a fantastic speaking voice. Of course, she had narrations in quite a few of her films. I really noticed how really great her voice sounded when I heard the Georgia narration video.. perfect...also, when you hear the clip of the radio spot that she did for a Georgia radio station ( funny story that goes along with it, related in the video of the Film Festival event), you realize she would have been terrific with her on radio show...great voice.