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Skirmish On The Home Front (1944)

This is a treat.One of the members on the fb page alerted me to the fact that Skirmish On The Home Front is on youtube.

Here is the youtube url or just search youtube.


Re: Skirmish On The Home Front (1944)

Hi all---

Sorry I've not been around for a long, long time, but just busy writing--my usual art history stuff--not fiction (I hope!). But was so thrilled to see the MGM ON PARADE and the SKIRMISH ON THE HOME FRONT. I do have dvds of ALL her flicks--so haven't needed to watch them from the website. But these two were new to me. Interesting to see her with both Alan Ladd and William Bendix since she was in films with them both just about this time.

But in the MGM one--gosh how beautiful, how classy, and how elegant she was.


Re: Skirmish On The Home Front (1944)

Hi Bill, glad to see you here! I sort of vaguely remember having seen Skirmish,but I might have been just having dejavu (spell? or something.. LOL

It is a treat.

I think most of the people who visit this board have seen pretty much all of Susan's films,but I wanted to go ahead and alert that these are up for viewing since new people and younger people who sometimes check out the board but don't post here, will know about them.

And MGM on Parade is really special!.. she talks about her love of fishing which carried right down to her children and grandchildren (and most probably,her great grandchildren also....sweet

Re: Skirmish On The Home Front (1944)

Hello Ginger,

Just a "thank you" does not seem nearly enough to send to you for all you do to keep Susan's memory alive! I am so grateful to see something new on Susan - primarily the Georgia commentary (although a hazy print it is a treasure to hear and see Susan.) "Skirmish on the Home Front" is something I love to watch as it shows a different side of her.
Susan has brought so much happiness into the lives of her many fans and as I have said before, I bless the day she entered my heart which was 65 years ago. I have a lovely family and many friends but Susan is always here with me too.
I have been having a lot of computer problems but am just about ready to put up a new video of her pictures on Youtube. Will let you know when it is up and running - they are all colour pictures and hopefully, some of them will be new to her many fans.



Re: Skirmish On The Home Front (1944)

Hi Trish...my pleasure..anything I do regarding Susan Hayward is a labor of love.

I will really look forward to your new video,and I'll share it on facebook too.


P.S.I love the Georgia publicity video...she had such a wonderful speaking voice! I also really enjoyed the speakers at the Carrollton event.They were sincere,and loving in their stories about Susan.

BTW, Elaine Helmick also sent some audio recordings from that Carrollton event which I think covers all three days of the festival. I want to try to get them on youtube also...they would include the audio of those speakers already on youtube, and then others with their Susan stories.. Thanks so much to Elaine for sharing all those treasures.