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Deadline At Dawn - no go

There are copyright issues with Warner Brothers, regarding "Deadline At Dawn." ( I so love this film.)....youtube is good about basically warning if there are problems, so I needed to delete the one clip that I had finished. I try to be as careful as possible and play by the rules, but if there is any question or controversy, I'd rather just delete a clip than risk being removed from youtube or tangling with them about it. I hope we can all enjoy these cips while we can.

Re: Deadline At Dawn - no go


You know, I may be alone in the group for my preference--mind you there are almost none of Susan's movies which I don't enjoy (though a couple where I certainly think she was wasted)but the film which always "gets to me"--for the quality of the story, the overall superb performances, but especially for me the establishment of what I see as Susan's identity--I mean the FULLEST establishment of the woman-and-actress as I view her--is HOUSE OF STRANGERS.

Please everyone, don't throw bricks at me!

(But I think it's now about time for me to rewatch it yet once again).


Re: Deadline At Dawn - no go

Bill, I'm not going to throw a brick at you.. ha

We all have our favorites. I like House of Strangers, but it has been a long time since I have seen it. I might start working on it for youtube soon. I hope I won't have any problems with them regarding it. I don't think it is on youtube yet, but will check. I enjoy watching the films as I work on them. I have to watch them at least twice as I'm editing, etc, so it's fun just breaking them all down, and seeing things I have never seen or thought about regarding Susan and the other actors.. it's quite fun!

Now I need to go find my copy of House of Strangers.. :)