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Susan's brain cancer

Did Susan know she had brain cancer when she made Say Goodbye Maggie Cole?
Do you know anything about how her sons are?
Lastly, thank you for all you do, Sincerely, Jody

Re: Susan's brain cancer

Jody, welcome to the message board!...and thank you!

I am not really sure if Susan knew that she had cancer while making "Say Goodbye Maggie Cole." It seems that I recall she was having symptoms at the time, but I would have to do some refresh reading. I will take a look at Beverly Linet's bio. It seems to be the most trustworthy one as far as I can determine.

Susan's son, Tim, posts on this message board from time to time. Her son, Greg, lives in Alabama. Both of her sons are great looking guys with beautiful children AND grandchildren. She would be very proud of all of them. Tim has a blog that would interest you, I think. He posts photos of his family and shares about his fishing interests. The link to the blog is on the main homepage of this website, kind of center of the page...to the right of all the links given on the left.