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Article About Susan Hayward in West Georgia Living Magazine - May-June, 2014

Click the below link to read a recent article about Susan Hayward with contributions by her son, Gregory. You will need to scroll to pages 46-49....or just keep scrolling until you see Susan's photo on left, then click the page to make it big enough to read. Good luck. I hope it works for you. You can copypaste the website url here or click on the website link icon below.


Re: Article - correction

The website icon won't work, but if you copypaste the link into your browser that should take you to the article.

The link is in my original post.. let me know how you do with this.

Re: Article - correction

It may be my browser ( although I am using I.E. 11 which is quite current) but I can never actually click on many links such as this, and when I copy the url, I then am unable to paste it into my browser.

However I did a search and found the Georgian Times in question and noted the cover ' Susan Hayward - at home in Carrollton' but was then unable to access the specific article from that page.

Can't be helped.

Re: Article - correction

Kerry, do you have the same email address? I will see if I can send it to you that way.

Also, you can access the facebook page I have on her, and click the link there if you use facebook, but I think you told me you don't go there very much. Anyway, email would probably be the best to send the link

If you try searching in facebook, it's
Susan Hayward Classic Film Star

Also , West Georgia Living just started a facebook page yesterday, and you can get to the link from there.

Re: Article - correction

Success - thanks Ginger. I was able to access the full article and read it through.

I appreciate your efforts.

Re: Article - correction

Hi, Kerry!

Considering how little my computer DOES allow me to do, one thing I've never had trouble with is cut and pasting Ginger's websites and calling things up from my browser. I can never, however, use the links. My computer hates them.

I wonder if your problem is a small one in your set-up---but I am at the eternal nursery school level when it comes to operating my own computer! So, I, unfortunately, have no suggestions. Is it only on THIS site you can't cut and paste and then use your browser?

At any rate--I also want to send a big thank you to Ginger for showing us an article, where the elusive Greg Barker proves he really DOES exist! He IS quite different looking from twin Tim!

Anyway, it was great to read a new article about Susan. When Gregg is talking about the boys' sudden 'marching orders'--not even being allowed to finish their year at Carrollton's local public school--to attend a miliarty academy(!), you can just about detect his personal feelings about this!
Interesting.....and understandable.

Again, thanks, Ginger, for the article, and, Kerry, I'm glad you were able to read it.

Cheers from Lynn

Re: Article - correction

Kerry, so glad you got there!

Re: Article - correction


I'm glad you were able to read the article. I get a little frustrated when I post links onto this message board within a post. For some reason, they aren't linkable -- thus the copypaste into browser option..

however, the website icon is supposed to take you where you need to go..sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't it, seems...It's kind of a mystery to me.. perhaps I should imvestigate further..

Re: Article - correction


Great article, and I was able to read it on Facebook--(which is kind of funny for me since I'm not on Facebook). Problem was, I'd like to have printed it out, and I did--but it came out very long and narrow and unreadable.

Oh well, I don't have to HAVE it. But it was first-rate. (not over-the-top like a lot of these post-mortum [sic] pieces on deceased stars of yesteryear are).


Re: Article - correction

" Is it only on THIS site you can't cut and paste and then use your browser?"

Thanks Lynn for your follow up. I think we all must possess certain browsers that permit one person to access a link but not another and then the next site you visit?? Vice versa.

My problem only arises spasmodically and it seems that the provided link does not work ( welcome to my world says Lynn) and I am unable to copy / paste the supplied url.

But it does not happen a lot- and there are often ' workarounds ' that allow me to get to the item another way, and I am using IE. 11 which is a very recent browser.

Main thing is- we could all access the article. Yes thanks again Ginger

Re: Article - correction

Yes, the browser situation is weird. I posted my blog link on Susan's homepage a couple of days ago, and for me, it shows up on my ipad and also when I use Google Chrome on computer, but doesn't show up when I use internet explorer (I'm not sure if I have the latest internet explorer.. must check)...also, I can't hear the music on the homepage if I'm using Google Chrome, but I can hear it with internet explorer.

Go figure...

Re: Article - correction

Bill, I don't think the format in which they have the magazine online is printable. One could probably call and order the magazine, just that issue. I've thought about it.

I think the "like" type pages on facebook can be viewed whether you are a facebook member or not. It's just that you can't comment. That's my understanding.

So, after thinking about what I just mentioned, all of you could probably view my facebook page on Susan even if you are not a member..well, you can check it out.. I'm not a 100 percent certain. I just don't think you can comment.

Here is the website:


Re: Article - correction

Hi! My name is Jennifer Barker and I am married to Greg's oldest son Chris, the one that met Elisabeth, many years ago at Susan's grave. I posted earlier that a magazine article had been published by West Georgia Magazine, but then seen this thread and deleted my original message.I just wanted to make sure you had seen the article. I like the Susan Hayward page on facebook and you do an amazing job! Thank you, and also just wanted to add that Susan has 2 handsome sons, grandchildren, & Great Grandchildren, but I may be a little biased:)

Thanks for all you do,

Re: Article - correction

Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted you to know I saw this post also, and since I seem to be having trouble posting here tonight (my first message to you was deleted), I will message you at fb.

Thanks again ( and yes, Elizabeth was THRILLED to meet you and Chris!)..and she was so happy that you two didn't mind her taking the video!


Re: Article - correction

Anyone can order the magazine directly from the publisher West Georgia Living in Carrollton, GA. I just had to have that magazine for my collection. The young lady I spoke with told me she has visited Susan's gravesite on some occasions.

Re: Article - correction

Ray, how nice! I would like to have a copy also. Thank you for the info!

Re: Article - correction

I received the magazine yesterday, it's a wonderful collectors item.
Happy to have it, made my day.