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For Trish

Trish, I wanted you to know that I posted your youtube video of Susan and her friends, associates, and family onto the Susan Hayward Classic Film Star facebook page on Wed.(I know you are having trouble accessing it). I also posted it on my personal facebook profile. I'm sure there will be a lot of nice comments. I watched it about 5 times today..just mesmerized with your photos and the beautiful classical music you chose for the background....It just gives one such a nostalgic feeling.. a longing for a time never to be again..Your love for Susan Hayward shines through! Thank you for honoring her in so many ways!

Re: For Trish

Thank you Ginger. I have eight other videos of pictures of Susan posted on Youtube for you all to enjoy. I do have another ready to go but my computer is playing up a lot and I can't get it started!!

You mentioned the classical music - one of my all-time favourite pieces by Rimsky Korsakov, from Scheherazade.

I do love to honour Susan in as many ways as I can and at present am preparing a manuscript of many interviews with people who knew her during her lifetime. I don't quite know how it will work out, but rest assured, the vast majority interviewed had kind and loving things to say about her.
Susan was loved by so many and all these years after she left us, she is still in our hearts. That little Brooklyn girl certainly made an indelible mark on the world!


Re: For Trish

Trish, I will make note the name of the classical piece. It was familiar, but I didn't know the title or composer. Thanks.

And I will share your videos also for sure. I shared "Susan and Her Men" yesterday.

The manuscript idea sounds fabulous. Keep us posted regarding that! What a great idea!

So glad to see you at facebook! Your input is always welcome and helpful!