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Hi Ginger, my name is Jennifer Barker and I am married to Chris Barker, Greg's oldest son, I was the one that met Elizabeth many years ago, at Susan's grave. I just wanted to let you know that, West Georgia Magazine has done a recent article on Susan. If you go to Bing and type in West Georgia Magazine May June 2014 - it should be the first link that comes up. I follow the Susan Hayward page on facebook and enjoy seeing all the pics, but do not normally post, but I thought you might enjoy the new article featuring her. If you can't find it let me know and I will try and post the link! Again, you do an amazing job with her fan page, and it is much appreciated.


Re: Magazine

Hi Jennifer!

I just saw both of your posts. I answered this one and for some reason I lost my message when I tried to post. it said I had "spam" in it.. don't understand that... but I will message you at fb, and thank you very much for sharing with us and for your very kind words.


Re: Magazine

Thank you very much Jennifer for directing us to this magazine article. I did order the magazine. I'll be anxious to get it and I agree with you,
Ginger does a fantastic job with this website devoted entirely to Susan Hayward. Thanks again.

Re: Magazine

Hi, Jennifer,

I just read your message and then the article. Thanks so much for popping in with this information! I've never read Greg quoted before, so the article is a particular treat for me!

Enjoy your summer. (Have you been 'bitten' by the fishing bug, as well as so many in your extended family?)


Re: Magazine

Ray, thanks so much, and I've been happy to see you frequent the facebook page for Susan Hayward. It is so exciting that we now have 522 "likes",and I am enjoying the comments and being able to share some of our photos and info that we have collected over the years...I have posted quite a few of your magazine covers, and I hope to get some more on real soon. They are beautiful.

Re: Magazine

Hi Ginger,

Just to let you know I STILL cannot stay on Susan's Facebook. I did manage to put in some comments a few weeks back but since then, my computer keeps freezing me out! It is so frustrating but wanted you to know why there are no more comments from me.


Re: Magazine

Trish, I'm so sorry that you can't get on the fb page! We enjoy your comments and they are very helpful. The people there really enjoy your special photos that you have collected.. unusual ones