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TCM; Most of Susan Hayward's Movies cancelled on June 30th

They are only showing two of her films now due to the fact they are showing films in memory of Eli Wallach..Below is my post to Susan Hayward Classic Film Star, Facebook

So on what was to be a tribute to Susan Hayward on her birthdate at TCM has turned into an "in honor and/or in memory" of Eli Wallach. I totally respect Eli Wallach, but this is a letdown. They are only going to be showing two of her films that day ( June 30th) .. on top of the fact that as far as I know, they have never had her as "Star of the Month" which she so richly deserves. Her fans have waited patiently for this for many years. If I have missed it , I would sure like to know the date that it was. There may be a place to write to TCM. I'm checking it out. I doubt it would do any good as far as June 30th, but it might make you feel better if this bothers you, and it might make them think about having her as Star of the Month....Ginger Haydon, moderator of Facebook's Susan Hayward Classic Film Star

Here is the tcm facebook website address if you want to make a comment re: the schedule change on June 30th. I just did.


Re: TCM; Most of Susan Hayward\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Movi

Really!!!! Who can be surprised. TCM could have honored Mr.Wallach's passing
by giving him the same amount of film showings in the evening AFTER Susan's
all day birthday tribute;in addition,Robert Osborne could have commented on
his career. Since they seem able to make changes at will, it seems this
would been easy to accomplish. Wallach was a fine actor BUT was he ever a
top box office star,did he ever hold a film up on the power of his name alone? I do not do Facebook,so I guess that lets me out as far as commenting
on the TCM page. I think both Susan and Eli could have been fully honored on
the 30th and then no one would have been disappointed. Wish we could actually
communicate with whoever is responsible for making these decisions.

Re: TCM; Most of Susan Hayward\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Elaine, well, it is what it,is, but I've put my two cents in several times at the TCM page... :)

Wish you could get over to the fb page for Susan.. it's fast moving and lots and lots of comments and people who love Susan!

BTW, Jim Warren, who is on the Carrollton Film Festival video that you provided for us (he was one of the speakers), recently saw it at youtube, and he wrote me the nicest note and was very
happy to see it. We are friends on fb now. Your generosity has had a ripple effect!

I still want to get the audios of the rest of the festival on.. just haven't gotten to it yet, but I will!

It seems TCM has added one more movie for tomorrow. Deadline at Dawn is at 9:00 a.m. Eastern...so it is between Girls on Probation and The Hairy Ape. I don't know how much of a big deal they are going to make about her birthday, but they should make a big deal!

Good to hear from you!

Re: TCM; Most of Susan Hayward\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

TCM has another redhead as "star of the month" now : Maureen O'Hara !

Maureen wa a star and it is good for her fans...but Susan was undoubltly a bigger star than Maureen...Susan was a superstar .

Why but why don't they give her "the star of the month " treatment that Susan completely deserves at TCM ?

It is a big frustration to me and in fact it hurts me, because after all these years of passing Susan I am thinking they do it deliberately.

I have written to TCM several time about it s and I never got an answer!

A sad fan on Susan's birthday...


Re: TCM; Most of Susan Hayward\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Phillipe, I am happy that Maureen O'Hara is getting the STAR treatment at TCM, and she is still living, and will be able to enjoy and appreciate it.. well deserved...

However, Susan Hayward is more than deserving of this honor, and it is beyond me why they turn the other way when it comes to her. It's like they have a complete "disconnect."

Maybe someday...

Re: TCM; Most of Susan Hayward\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I like Maureen O'Hara ,don't gt me wrong!

If Eleanor Parker ,Maureen O'Hara and many others can be theTCM star of the month ,why is superstar Susan Hayward overlooked?...I would like that TCM give us the true reasons of their boycot of Susan!

Re: TCM; Most of Susan Hayward\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Phillipe, I understand!