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Remembering Susan Hayward on the date of her birth.. June 30

This is my message board topic at Turner Classic Movies message board. It's just my heartfelt expression and just wanted to share with you...

Susan Hayward; Remembering on her birthdate.. June 30

Classic film actress, Susan Hayward, would have been 97 years old today. What a beautiful actress and what an extraordinary legacy she has left to her family, her friends, and those of us who are fans and admirers!

She was nominated for an Oscar 5 times and finally won for "I Want To Live."

She worked very hard at her craft. She did not consider herself a movie star, but a working girl.

She was a fighter throughout her life, and in the end when she was suffering from cancer, she still fought so hard. She had twin sons, who are today successful and have beautiful families of their own. She would be proud of her sons, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren who I'm sure, are also very proud of her. I think she would be astonished that she is so well remembered by others, and I think she would be surprised at a growing number of younger people who appreciate her work.

She would often say .."I'll see you in the funny papers."

Thank you, Susan Hayward, for making our lives richer, and we'll see you in the movies.

Re: Remembering Susan Hayward on the date of her birth.. June 30

Just wanted to express my love for Susan on this her 97th birthday. I celebrated her 91st birthday with Trish in my home. We had a birthday party and I invited my retired friends to come and we watched \\\\\\\"With A Song In My Heart\\\\\\\'. May Susan rest in Peace and we shall always keep her memory alive in our hearts. She was one of a kind and we her devoted fans are fortunate to be able to share our love and feelings for her on this forum. Thank you,Ginger.

Re: Remembering Susan Hayward on the date of her birth.. June 30

My pleasure and honor, Joanne, and I am so happy you are here. Thank you!